Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter is Here To Stay

I think it's safe to say that winter is finally here. While the lodge is gorgeous and living here isn't so bad, I really hate shoveling snow. It's heavy. It's cold. It doesn't cooperate. And the longer you leave it the harder to move it becomes.

For the last two or three days I've done nothing but shovel show. I've shoveled snow off the deck. Off the porch. Off the shed. Of the Tucker. Of the horse trailer. Off the ladder I needed to use to reach the trailer roof.

For example:
The Tucker before I shoveled off 4 feet of snow.

The Tucker after I shoveled off the snow. 

It seems like most of the shoveling has to be done by hand right now. The blade and winch on dad's 4x4 (nicknamed 'the Ute') is broken so the driveway is a small mess. Thankfully we have a gigantic snowblower that makes it easier and faster to clear the deck. Although the downside to the snowblower is that it probably weighs 300 pounds and isn't easy to move when it gets stuck.

Dad using the snow blower on the deck.

The one thing the snow does it coat everything in white. The trees look like something out of a movie!

Beautiful white trees up here.

Working up here certainly makes a person tired. Moving snow around is not a easy job. Plus you get wet a lot. I'm excited to see how much snow we get this winter, currently we are just shy of 4 feet.

Oh - I can't forget to mention the "little" snow storm we had yesterday. While it's not as much as we have gotten in years past, 18 inches overnight sure seems like a lot. Below is a picture of our main entrance. See all the snow on the roof? Crazy, right?

Snow accumulation on the roof!
 Well, here's to three or four more months of winter.

I almost forgot! I got an early birthday present from my sister: Smartwool long johns! They are simply the best! I put them to the test today out in the cold and my legs never got chilled! It awesome! Thanks sis!!! Love you!

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