Friday, January 25, 2013

The Vanishing Birthday

Guess what? I'm in Thailand. I left the USA on Wednesday, lost my birthday as I crossed the International Date Line and arrived in Bangkok on Friday.  Before leaving the United States, I met Alexis at the LAX airport and we then proceed to fly on Korean Air.  I love Qantas - but I'll have to give it to Korean Air, there was plenty of leg room, good meals, and good in-flight entertainment.  Oh - we also celebrated my birthday by eating Little Debbie chocolate rolls I brought with me. So fantastic! And thank you to my mom for the birthday card! Love you!

Birthday Cake 
Somewhere on our flight Alexis decided that instead of eating chicken or beef she wanted traditional Korean food. I'm not exactly sure what she got, but it involved instructions (yes... five steps to eat her food), seaweed food, strangle noodle/worm things, and a vegetable rice bowl. Like most international flights, I spent a lot of time sleeping but it wasn't great sleep. How are you supposed to be comfortable in the middle?

Once we made it to Thailand we were greeted by Bow's parents. (My sister Heidi hosted Bow, an international exchange student from Thailand last year.) They were so helpful and gave us maps and plenty of information. They brought us a basket of fruit which included Longkong.

The traffic in Bangkok is crazy. And although everyone drives like mad-men, there doesn't appear to be any accidents or policemen for that matter. At one point in time Bow's father 'Boon' decided that the traffic was too slow, so he simply drove down the land the wrong way. Good thing it was blocked so no one was coming.

Lunch consisted of cashew chicken, pad Thai, coconut egg dessert, shrimp soup, and shrimp noodles. They also had some fried chicken (although Alexis and I couldn't figure out what part of the chicken we were eating... and I'm not sure I want to know), steak, and of course some french fries for us. After meeting Bow's family (and her) for lunch, we went for a Thai massage. While at times somewhat awkward, the massage was great and it was fantastic to get all the stress out from the plane ride.

Bow's Spa
There isn't any pictures on this blog post yet - but once I either am able to use Alexis's computer or the trip ends I'll post photos.

Today we are off to see some traditional Thai temples (temple = wat). I'm super excited to see what the day holds and what we will do. It's super nice that Bow and her parents are taking us places. I'm not sure I'd want to conquer Bangkok on my own... it's slightly confusing. Just like the keyboard I am typing on... I can't figure out what all of their letters are!

So far we have been taught that a polite hello, is 'Sa Wa Dee Ha' (phonically) and 'Khwap Koon' (phonically because I'm not even going to try and spell in Thai) is thank you. And I can't remember what good bye is.

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