Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Snow to Shovel

Since my last post, I've continued to shovel more snow. It's crazy how much it piles up when you aren't looking.  Besides shoveling snow, I managed to almost completely destroy my external hard drive and laptop hard drive. First my external hard drive was convinced it was broken beyond repair. Thankfully my dad fixed it! Then my laptop went all nuts when I tried to upgrade it to Mountain Lion. Crazy thing. I thought I was surely going to lose all my photos and movies.

I might have had a minor panic attack.

Thankfully my laptop is back to normal now! Hooray for my dad! He is the officially genius when it comes to fixing unrepairable hard drives!

1 comment:

  1. Hurray indeed! I wouldn't want to miss out on any of your beautiful photos. Rule of thumb - always save 3 separate copies of your photos, just in case. :>

    Could you send some of that snow to Iowa? We only had one measurable snow so far this year. We'd be glad to take some off your hands!