Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy (Early) Birthday to Me

It's the 22nd, two glorious days before my birthday, and I am headed off to Portland. I'll spend the night with my sister Lisa then proceed to hop on a flight to LAX airport the next morning. Hopefully I'll manage to find my friend Alexis in the airport... then off to Thailand we go!

Because of the International Date Line my birthday "poofs" away somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Yes. I leave Portland the 23rd and land in Bangkok the 25th. This strange vanishing birthday has translated to the fact that I've gotten to celebrate all this last week.

My mom made me a fantastic cake! I really wanted a cake with fondant on it and she went to work to make this awesome cowgirl cake.

23rd Birthday Cowgirl Cake
I got some beautiful fingernail polish from my grandma! Deep red and dark purple that have a neat shimmer or sparkle to them. I painted my toenails with the red yesterday and I absolutely love it! I'm so lucky to have such a fantastic grandma!

My mom bought some a new outfit at Maurice's for my birthday. I got these corral colored skinny jeans with a multi-colored stripped shirt, then a long sleeve green shirt. Everything looks so great together! I'm super excited to go on this trip and be able to rock some stylish new clothes. Mom also got me a beautiful green wild rag that I can wear in the summer. No cowgirl should ever be without a wild rag! (For those that don't know, a wild rag is usually a large square silk scarf that is often on old-west cowboys.)

I don't think I'm mentioned our minor dilemma at the house yet, so let me explain. When mom and I came home a few days ago we discovered that the water pipes were frozen. Somehow, in an attempt to unthaw them perhaps, the pipes shattered. Not broke. Shattered. Long story short, the water came through all the ceiling and created a waterfall with the chandelier at the center. I can't believe how much water came down from the attic!  We finally have everything fixed (we hope), so there shouldn't be any more problems! Oh... while this was happening I was trying to video chat my sister because I wanted to open my birthday presents from her. Later that night I got to open them. She got me and amazing belt and

Scout all managed to make his toy look like a hoodie. He's my "washer-woman" dog. Haha. He looks ridiculous.

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