Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Goodbye to Bangkok - Hello Chiang Mai

Yesterday was our last day in Bangkok with Bow and her family. It wasn't a super busy day, but a good day still. First we watched the Swiss Family Robinson... Such a great movie! We then headed to lunch with Bell (Bow's sister), her mom, grandmother, and aunt. And guess where we went? Mcdonalds. Haha. The menu is different because it's almost all chicken due to the fact the population is largely Buddast and they don't eat beef.

After lunch we walked around this giant store which resembled a Cosco or Walmart. Then they took us to this crazy dessert place. Crazy good! It was a huge, thick piece of French drenched in chocolate syrup and served with icecream on the side. We also got to eat another piece of toast that had candy all over it. Of course, because I love chocolate so much, I was in seventh heaven!

We then headed back to their grandmas house and watched TV while waiting for dinner. Bow was still at school so Alexis and I chatted with Bell, who is really really funny. It was fun to sit down and laugh - all while watching this strange religious show on HBO the 'American Channel.'

Bell's grandmother just loves to torch urge us with strange Thai food. Ok. Really should loves to watch me struggle. Finally she fed me crackers as she laughed saying 'for baby.' oh well, at least they were good!

We ended the night by exchanging gifts. They were so nice and they made Alexis and I sovuneer books with photos that Bow's dad took! They also gave us a Thai silk coin purse and other cloth wallet thing. I'm also bringing gifts home for the Dempseys from them! Oh... I almost forgot about the music! They let us play some tradition Thai instruments they had in their home. One was similar to a marimba and other other was a cross between a harp and something. It was really neat! If I have time I'll look up what the names of the instruments are.

Oh yes - and the food. See this example:

The best way I can describe the above photos are that it was like eating giant (think) pieces of french toast covered in chocolate, candy, and topped with coconut ice cream. Can you say amazing and really delicious?!

This morning their driver took us to the airport (Bell came along) and we departed for northern Thailand. Actually, we had a lot of time in the airport since security took us literally no time. so we ate KFC and had Krispy Creame donuts. The plane ride was super short and I only managed to watch a little portion of the Lion King on my iPad.

Now we are in Chiang Mai for a few days. We spent this evening walking around and exploring the Night Bazzar. I bought myself a green Thai Silk scarf and I love it! So fantastic! Now we are sitting in our hotel room preparing for tomorrow which is our elephant ride!! It is going to be awesome!

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