Friday, September 28, 2012

The Greatest Group of Gals

Well this has been some week! After (mostly) overcoming an ear infection and laryngitis I got the chance to some really neat things.

I first took some great people from Seattle on a short (2 hour) horse ride. It's really neat to ride up the canyon and see the landscape start to shift into fall. The trees are changing colors, the grass is changing texture, and yet it's still warm during the daytime.  I know that the couple I took from Seattle really had a great ride and I'm always happy when people tell me I made them completely comfortable on the horses. That's my whole goal really... to make the people have a great time and be comfortable.

Pine Lakes Trail Fall 2012
We also had a great group of gals come up and spend the week. They brought their own horses up and rented a cabin so they could ride each day. The first day they headed up to Union-Companion Mine; I was out exercising Misty (my filly) and Quincy (my new horse) when I ran into them. They invited me to ride with them, I of course accepted and off we went. These gals were so great and kind! They let me ride with them each day and I really think they had a great stay. I know they liked being about to seeing Sugarloaf and Norway Basin. The colors up in the mountains are gorgeous right now!

Norway Basin
It was a really fun week filled with ups and downs. I'm mostly jotting this down so when I go back and read my blog someday I'll be able to laugh. So you can skip the rest of this paragraph. We had Christie's horse Josie that flipped upside down six times! (No worries... no one/animal was hurt.) Christie's horse lady rolled on a rock and ended up with a sore back. Karen's horse Jerry came down with a bad cinch sore. I lent them two of our horses for $2 a piece; only because they wanted to pay something. We road Union-Companion, Snider's Meadow to Randa's Camp, and finally Norway Basin-East Fork loop. We saw three separate herds of elk, several with bulls. We saw took lots of photos. Ate lots of sweets. Saw a couple of nice does and bucks. Found a deer leg in the middle of the trail (that was a little strange). And we never got lost!

Elk! Aren't all you hunter's jealous?
I came out of the week making some friends and getting to know a great group of women! They were so kind and nice. It was really neat to be able to ride with them and know that it was all for fun. I really hope they enjoyed their time and come back again!

(L to R) Christie, Karen, Katlin, Joyce, Sheri, and Kathy.
Kathy is taking the photo. I love Hap's ear in the picture!
I'm home for Friday and Saturday night because my mom and I are headed to Jack Bowen's funeral tomorrow. Although it's sad, I know the Diane (his wife) is glad that he passed quickly rather than slowly. She's such a great lady and we are here to support her!

Hopefully I'll also have time to hop on my old horse Lance while I'm home and give him some love. For now though it's off to bed. Scout (my dog) already has the idea; he's on the bed next to me snoring. Out like a light!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


I wrote this away ago but am now just getting around to posting it. My bad!

I got a chance to watch the documentary 'Buck,' which I downloaded on my iPad.  Now for those of you that aren't interested in horses this might be a pretty boring blog post; but hopefully someone out there will find this interesting.

The film 'Buck' is really outstanding for those that are interested in learning about horsemanship. I've watched other clinicians, but I really latched onto what Buck Brannaman was saying and demonstrating.

Check out this video clip:

I love the quote, "“Your horse is a mirror to your soul.  Sometimes you might not like what you see…sometimes you will.”  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's Be Wild

Hey everyone!

I just published a photo essay on so go check it out!  Facebook share it, e-mail, blog, and tweet.  

Thanks for looking everyone!

Monday, September 17, 2012

23 Things To Do When You Are Sick

Why am I sick?

I have been feeling slightly sick... then all of the sudden: wham! Sore throat and stuffed up nose. Not cool.  I think I also made Mark (one of our wranglers) also sick. Whoops.  So, what do you do when you have an ear infection and laryngitis?

That's an excellent question. I have a hard time sitting around, so here's my list of things to do when you are sick (if you feel well enough).

1. Watch a favorite movie.
2. Pick up that book you haven't had time to read.
3. Create a comic strip.
4. Nap. This isn't very original, but sometimes I forget when I'm sick.
5. Paint your toenails... try a fun design. I suggest sites like 'The Beauty Department' (
6. Play a game. Whether it's a board game or online game, taking your mind off of being sick can be a good thing.
7. Browse some interesting websites. I suggest Pioneer Woman:
8. Blog... this is my favorite.
9. Explore YouTube.
10. Pinterest can be a great waste of time if you enjoy that site.
11. Sore throat like me? Gargle with salt water.
12. If you feel up to it, finish a project that you haven't had time for. Things like scrapbooking, card making, or jewelry making can be relaxing if done at a slow pace.
13. Eat! Eat whatever sounds good. I swear by this one. Chicken noodle soup sound good? Drink it. Pizza sound good. Do it. (Not recommended when you have 'stomach' related issues.)
14. Knit.
15. Cuddle up with a warm blanket and a cute.
16. Yoga.
17. Listen to some relaxing music, but make sure that it's not too loud.
18. Invest in soft Kleenex's. They can be the different between pain and comfort (as much as one can have when you are sick).
19. Try to learn something. Learn how to sign you name, write it in Thai, etc.
20. Sunny and warm outside? Then sit outside. The sun can do amazing things.
21. Rent that movie you missed seeing in theaters. Salt sound good? Pop some popcorn.
22. Plan out a 'fall bucket list.'
23. Watch home videos or pull out some old photos.

That's all the idea's I have for now.... here's to feeling better if you don't feel good like me!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baker Mill

Alright my blog followers... I thought I would give a little history lesson today.  Last time I posted about the Last Chance Mine (click here to read that post), everyone seemed to enjoy it. So I thought I would blog about another site around Cornucopia: The Baker Mill.
WindDancer on the old Baker Mill Road
Now, unlike the Last Chance Mine, the Baker Mill is rather close to Cornucopia Lodge. It didn't take long for WindDancer and I to make our way to the original mill site.  While there is a wide variety of information about this area available on the internet, nothing compares to the book, "Stories, Legends, and some Oregon History" by Carmelita Holland. This book is out of print, but luckily the lodge still has a copy.

Baker Mill under construction
According to Holland, "The Baker Mill was planned in 1913, and constructed in 1914, under the supervision of John M. Baker who later became the manager of the Baker Mills Company. The mill equipment, some of the most modern in the west, was later moved to the mill built at the entrance of the Coulter Tunnel during the 1930s (page 89). Holland goes on to say, "The Baker Mill was a 20-stamp, 400 ton cyanide amalgamated mill... By the use of the combined mill equipment, the Baker mills were able to handle 100 ton of concentrate each day."

100 tons?! That's 220,000 pounds... or roughly the weight of a Boeing 757-200 aircraft! Talk about impressive stuff.

Sadly, the Baker Mill is hardly recognizable today. Trees grow in the concrete remains in it takes some imagination to compare the above images to the ones below.

Perhaps where the stamps once were?

Rock Pile
A tram originally ran from the Baker Mill to the Last Chance Mine to carry ore. Holland writes, "Built in 1914, this tram was believed to be the world's most out stand at 3,400 feet in length, and 425 feet off the ground at its highest place.  The span between the mill and its first tension tower was 2,800 feet (page 92)."

Looking from Last Chance Mine down towards Baker Mill

Operator Jack Moore taking Ella Ladd to the Last Chance Mine

On the way back down I passed one of my favorite spots up here at Cornucopia. It's just an old rock wall, but every time I ride a horse past I feel like I stepped into the movie National Velvet. I always wonder what this little walls purpose was...

As I was researching for this post, I found several articles that mention a 'Baker House.' Holland even mentions it, but for a brief sentence; "The prominent Baker house, located above the Baker Mill, was the subject of many photographs." I've never thought about going above the mill in search for the ruins of a house, but perhaps I shall make a short travel up there this afternoon. If I find anything I shall be sure to edit this blog post and post pics if I find anything.

Credit: Historic photos credited to the Baker County Library, Baker City, Oregon.  All other photos ©Katlin Eyre.

Oh yes... and just to finish this post of strong... I thought I'd share a picture of my new horse 'Quincy.' (previously referred to as Toby. His name is a work in progress.)

He's laughing at something funny. That's for sure!
Update/Edit:  I think I might have found the remains of the Baker House (previously mentioned in this post).  I took Quincy and Misty out for a ride this afternoon and explore that hillside. I found several notable flat locations which might be potential house locations. Each is in the general vicinity that the Baker House would have been at originally.

Notable lumber here with old nails.
Flat location with pipes to the left of lumber. 
Perhaps a rock retaining wall above possible house site.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baker County Fair and Panhandle Rodeo

I was pretty busy over this past Labor Day weekend taking horse rides out, but I managed to make it down to Halfway for the Panhandle Rodeo and Baker County Fair, even though it wasn't very far to travel to.

I just love rodeos... so much! Oh, and I love elephant ears! All that cinnamon and sugar... who could resist?  The Panhandle Rodeo had some really great events like cowhide rides, bronc riding, bull riding, barrel racing, wild cow milking, and mule chariot races. It was great to be able to spend a few hours in town away from the Lodge.  It was super fun and I'm glad that I got to go.

I thought I'd share some pictures I took at the rodeo (click on them to enlarge). Don't these make you want to be part of the action?

Rodeo Grounds
Bronc Riding
Cowhide Races
Bull Riding
I definitely will get involved with rodeo one of these days! Besides, I have a super shiny belt which would fit in with that crowd... and I'm pretty good at riding horses.

Scout & I after the rodeo on the deck of the lodge.
Then there are times that you really feel great about your job, like this post on Cornucopia Lodge's Facebook page from Jen.
"A big thank you to Katelynn for making our trail ride so much fun on Sunday! Although it was our first time on a trail ride (and basically even being on horses!), her calm, positive personality and obvious knowledge of the area and skill on horses made us feel happy, relaxed, and welcome! Thank you so much, we can't wait for next summer to come back and do a longer trail ride (hopefully with Katelynn as our guide again!) : )"