Saturday, May 26, 2012

Update on Life

My poor little blog is neglected. Thus the life when you work out in the middle of nowhere.

So I'll update you on 'my happenings...'  I'm getting really good at digging holes. I should have gotten a degree in carpentry. Barbed wire plus neoprene muck boots don't mix.  Barbed wire plus chainsaws don't mix. Barbed wire plus backhoe tires don't mix. Pretty much barbed wired is the devil when it's on the ground not keep cows out.  The rain and the snow make driving the backhoe interesting. My muscles hurt. Scout (my dog) snores when he is really tired. It's pretty fun.  I still write short sentences. I don't feel like I graduated. The site for horse camp is starting to look like a campsite rather than a stand of trees. The new generator for the lodge is installed. And perhaps the best part right now: The lodge has wifi.  So if you want to contact me, e-mail is the way to go.

Oh and mostly right now I feel totally unprepared for this summer. It's gonna be a long one. But I'm sure that will change. Maybe.

Cornucopia Lodge right after a rain storm.

Scout sound asleep laying on my legs.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mini Vacation and Heidi's Visit

Utah. Idaho. Oregon. Washington. Idaho. Washington. And Oregon. Whew... so much travel!

After graduation and driving home (Utah to Oregon via Idaho), Heidi and I took a mini vacation to Spokane, Washington.  We stayed at a Quality Inn and I was surprised how courteous and friendly the staff were!

The first day that Heidi and I arrived we played a game of disc golf in a neat abandoned neighborhood. The course was challenging and really fun!  Then we played black light mini golf, regular mini golf, and laser tag.  It was really fun!  We finished the night off with a great meal from Rock City Grill in downtown Spokane.
Mini Golf with Funky Rules
Regular Mini Golf Outside
The next morning we went to awesome stores in Spokane: REI, Wonders of the World, White's Boots (where I bought an outrageous pair of expensive boots), and Ciscos - a really expensive western/antique/awesome store.  Then we headed towards Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to Post Falls.  I couldn't believe the amount of water the was running through the dam! Crazy! Heidi and I then had dinner at Tito's in Coeur d'Alene and then played a game of bowling in Spokane.

Inside Ciscos... you wouldn't believe the prices!

Post Falls... so much water!
It was time to head home the following morning, but not before heading to Walla Walla then Pendleton Woolen Mills. To quote Heidi, " The best part of the boring drive was that there was a roadside sign for a trash can (like a series of signs that said "Litter Depository Ahead" and then a trash can on the side of the road)." It was too funny!  And it made the drive more interesting.  Once in Pendleton we took a tour of the mill and learned how they make blankets and how each one was inspected by hand.. twice!

Pendleton Woolen Mills Factory
There was lots of badminton involved when we got home! So much fun playing with Heidi and mom!

Heidi, Mom and I all went and had a Mother's Day BBQ dinner with grandma at her retirement home.  It was a nice meal and I'm glad that I got to see grandma twice this week!   

For Mother's Day (today), Dad and I cooked mom a meal of prime rib, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob.  It was really yummy and I hope that mom enjoyed her Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Class of 2012 - Utah State University Graduation

Friday night my family came into town to celebrate my graduation.  We ate dinner at Tandoori - a really delicious Indian place.  Then crashed in a hotel room.

Saturday morning marked the 125th Commencement Ceremony for Utah State University.  It also marked Cinco de Mayo and the day of the Kentucky derby.  And there was rain.  Luckily the rain didn't last and by 830 I was on the Quad ready to walk down to the spectrum.  It was so cold my fingers felt like ice, but enjoyed the walk with my college.  Shortly thereafter the sun made an appearance and mother nature turned out a rather nice afternoon.

I'm proud to say that I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Resource Management. Commencement was short and sweet.  It all went by too fast.

I'm a whirlwind of emotions about the whole thing and it's hard to believe that as I type this I am sitting in Oregon. Time flies.  I am also extremely tired, which I am sure is making an appearance in this blog post. I think I'll elaborate more on graduation later - but until then be sure to look at the photos in this post.

After graduation my mom, dad, sister, and I all went to Cafe Sabor and enjoyed a Mexican dinner. Fitting since it was, after all, Cinco de Mayo. I opened graduation presents, ate food, then watched a movie with my sister in our hotel room.

Today we all drove home.  I haven't unpacked. In fact, most of my apartment belongings are still in my truck awaiting me.  Yet it's hard to unpack. That means I'm really done.

And what now you ask? Work for my dad at the family business. But this week, while my sister is here from Alabama, I think I'll play.

And thank you to everyone for the graduation gifts! And thank you to everyone who made my college experience memorable! I loved the College of Natural Resources and will miss it dearly!  And thanks to my family who puts up with me!   And thanks again to my family for my graduation present!

Erin & I

Myself, Mark, Eddy (Caitlin's mom) and Caitlin!

Walking and getting my 'diploma' from Dean Luecke.

Mom & Dad

The Grad

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Utah State

In three days I'll graduate. In four days I'll be back in Oregon.  So here's a post dedicated to my adventures while attending the best school ever.

This is my Utah State.  The place where I spent my college days. The place that will always have a place in my heart. These are the things I will miss.

The Quinney.

The "A

The College of Natural Resources.

Going with the Forestry Club to cut down Christmas Trees.

Volunteering at the Howl. 

Aggie Basketball.

My apartment with it's lime green carpet.
Notice the tree matches the color of my carpet.
CNR Week.

Decorating Patsy's office!

The Willow-Park Zoo.

Hiking the Crimson trail in Logan Canyon with Josie.

Hiking in the Canyon.

Aggie Football Games.

Skiing Beaver.

Celebrating my 21st birthday in Alabama. 

The opportunity I had to go on a study abroad in Australia!

Hiking the Outback.

Having my family come to Oz!

Spending Fall break in Arizona

The changing of the leaves in Logan Canyon.

Random adventures with Jen.

Service with Caitlin!

Being in the Statesman.

Putting up the Christmas Tree in the CNR.

Cleaning the sink at Angies.

Bat Boxes as a Service-Learning Scholar.

My birthday dinner with friends at Firehouse.

Spring Break in Las Vegas.

Becoming the ENVS Department's Outstanding the Senior.

Joining Xi Sigma Pi.

Trying my Cap and Gown on for the First Time

Campus When the Grass is Green

Logan Sunsets

My Crazy Awesome Zumba Class

Jamba Juice

Tandoori Oven
Logan Canyon
The Scotsman
Big Blue
Fredrico's Pizza
Snow Days
80+ Degree Days
My Professors
The Quadside & Library
The fact dead week isn't dead...
Free Food
End of the Year Bash
Campus Events
Kent Concert Hall
Graduating and everything in between...

The Last Week of a Journay

I still can't believe I'm done. I still have to go to work. But I'm done. So weird eh?

Monday I ate dinner at Tandoori with my friends Caitlin, Chantry, and Paul.
Tuesday I went to the Service Learning Banquet. Got another beautiful stole to wear at graduation. My gown is looking pretty awesome.
Wednesday (today) I ate pizza with a great group of friends including Kaitlin, Clayton, Amanda, and Hannah to name a few.  I also got the best graduation present ever! Thank you to Ashley who made me a fantastic Zumba CD mix!  I love it!!
Tomorrow hopefully I'll hang out with Erin. And pack up my apartment.  And clean.
Friday the parents and sister come into town! It's also my last day of work... so sad. Wow. The real last day.
Saturday graduation.
Sunday back in Oregon.