Friday, March 30, 2012

640 Million

I've been caught up reading up about the $640 million dollar jackpot. What would I do with 640 million dollars? It would be awesome... But let's face it. The odds are pretty crazy.

Besides my lotto fantasies, I've had a really busy week.  I bought my cap, gown and tassel.  So exciting! And I bought an over-priced diploma frame because I'm proud of what I have accomplished during my time at Utah State. I also made graduation announcements (it was much cheaper than buying the ones at the grad fair) and ordered them.

Wednesday night I went to a CNR Student Council meeting. Then to a SOSNR meeting. I also took a test in my watershed sciences class.  I finished off collecting signatures for my Xi Sigma Pi tree and turned it.

Thursday was also a blur of school. I went to lunch with Robert, some other TAs, and a Conservation Officer. It was neat to hear stories from 'in the field' and I was really glad we got lunch! I was wondering how I was going to feed myself that afternoon... Sometimes everything works out perfectly!

Speaking of things that work out perfectly... Logger's Ball went off with out a hitch!  But before I get to Logger's Ball I should talk about Xi Sigma Pi.  I am now an official member of Xi Sigma Pi, the National Forestry Honors society. Excited? You bet.  I'll get a certificate in the mail several months from now, but more exciting than that is the fact I get to wear a beautiful green and white stole to wear with my gown.

Once initiation into Xi Sigma Pi concluded we headed over to Logger's Ball.  The food was amazing, the beard contest was hilarious, the desserts were amazing, and Dry Lake Band made the whole night complete!  It was so much fun!  And while I might be exhausted today, I think it's safe to say that it was worth it.

Oh... I should not forget to mention that I won a prize from the bookstore! My prize was a really neat cookbook and I'm excited to try and make some of the recipes!  It's always an exciting moment when you win something!  I think that wraps up my week.

I have to apologize for my mistakes in this post... I'm just a little tired!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photo Card

Classic Graduation
Shutterfly graduation party invitations and gift ideas.
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ready? Ok. Go.

This week is crazy.  Absolutely crazy.  I can't believe how busy I am.  I'm not complaining about being busy, in fact, I'm pretty sure that I would rather be busy than bored.  I spent the last few days helping teach a Hunter Education course at the Cache Shooting Range.  It's great to see how confident people become when they realize they passed Hunter's Education. (Robert Schmidt also took all the hunter ed instructors out to lunch Sunday afternoon once the last class was finished. So fantastic!  I seriously love when people are awesome like that!)

I also found locations to put bat boxes for my capstone service learning project. (Did you know I have another blog solely dedicated to my service-learning experience at USU?  It was actually pretty fun to drive around with my friend, Caitlin, and hunt out locations for the bat boxes.  I'll be really happy when I am finished with my capstone... but that's a ways off for now.

I also saw the Hunger Games Saturday afternoon.  Such a good movie! I loved it!  It followed the book, was cast well, and it's such a great story!  If you haven't seen it... then you are missing out my friend!  I also suggest reading the book first, but that's just personal preference.  I'd for sure give it five out of five stars.

Yesterday I managed to finish up a review for my watershed test. (Test tomorrow... ek!) I'm hoping that I do well on this test so I can pull a good grade from the class.  Test's are hard for me to begin with, but I'm thankful that the majority of the test is definitions, short answers, and essay questions.  I'm far better at writing than answering multiple answer questions or true/false.

To be honest I don't remember what else I did yesterday.  I made poster's for the College of Natural Resources Logger's Ball. Hung them up.  I also managed to stay fairly dry in the rain.  And I got more signatures for my Xi Sigma Pi Tree.

I'm going to spend the rest of today studying. And going to the graduation fair. I guess it would be good to buy a cap and gown. And perhaps finish getting the required signatures for my Xi Sigma Pi tree...

The rest of the week will be a blur (between school, capstone projects, Logger's ball, Xi Sigma Pi Initation, etc) but I'll try to remember and blog!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hoover Dam and a Tan

Thursday was gorgeous in Vegas. Seriously amazing weather.  I slept in then took a walk in the morning with Erin into the desert.  It was nice to get outside the city and enjoy the beautiful weather.   And I got a tan.  A perfect v-neck t-shirt tan. Love it!

After "brunch" Megan and Shelly decided to stay at the house while Erin and I headed out to Hoover Dam.  The dam was awesome!

I couldn't believe how huge the dam was! And it was crazy to think that people built this massive thing in the 1930's... what an engineering marvel.

After walking across the dam, Erin and I decided to take a tour and go down deep.  It was really something fun to do and was something up our alley - since we are natural resources majors and all.

Once we finished up with Hoover Dam, we drove back to and gathered our stuff.  On the way we stopped at an overlook and saw Lake Mead. Strange looking lake... very unnatural. Haha. Obviously it's man made.

 People decided they wanted to drive back to Provo Thursday night.  I was a little sad that people wanted to leave early, but then again I love to travel.  However, we didn't leave before hitting up the Rainforest Café in MGM Grand.  Which was awesome!

It was raining, there were animated animals, and even thunderstorms.  I ordered an expensive BBQ hamburger... but it was so delicious!  Holy yum!  The experience and the food were worth the money... and it made for one more memory before we headed out of town.

We didn't get back to Provo until one or two o'clock in the morning, but it felt like midnight because Vegas is on Pacific time.  Friday morning Megan and I drove back to Logan.  I just sat around all afternoon once I got back.  I love spring break.  Love love.

Recap of Las Vegas (in no particular order):
Fremont Street
New York New York Roller Coaster
Foundations at the Bellagio
Gardens at the Bellagio
Chocolate Foundation Bellagio (World’s Largest!)
Shops at the Venetian
Shops at Caesars Palace
Treasure Island
Rainforest Café (Burgers)
Picture with the “Fabulous Las Vegas” Sign
Exploring the Luxer
Lion Habitat at MGM Grand (We tried…)
Cheese Cake Factory at Caesar’s Palace
Hoover Dam
Getting Tan/Laying by the Pool
Having fun!

And today is Saint Patrick's Day! So go green everyone and may the luck of the Irish be with you!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Day of Fun in Vegas

Wednesday was a really fun day.  It started off by checking out of Treasure Island (sad) and packing up the car.  After the car was all packed up we drove to a casino and found a Cinnabon.  Oh yummy cinnamon goodness. Then we headed to MGM Grand in attempt to see the lion habitat.  But the lions were gone.  Where? I have no idea.  They just weren't there.

We then went to the M&M World and the Coca Cola Factory.  At the Coca Cola Factory we tried sixteen flavors from around the world.  Some were pretty good! Others not so much. Haha. It was entertaining to say the least!

Once we finished up at the Coca Cola Factory we spend some time in Ross. And I bought a super cute pair of red slip on shoes.  Definitely a good buy!

After we got the shopping bug out of our system we split up into pairs.  Erin and I went back to MGM and did "CSI: The Experience."  That was pretty fun!  I even got a CSI diploma emailed to me.  Haha. I felt cool.

Then it was time for Excalibur! I was really excited to see the show and I'm glad that I wasn't disappointed.  It was really funny and entertaining!  Erin and I sat in the Spain section... which just so happened to have a cute king.

We had a scrumptious dinner of tomato soup, cornish game hen, roasted russet potatoes, steamed broccoli, biscuit, followed by apple pastry.  And don't forget the virgin margaritas.  I loved watching the horses and I had a blast!

Erin and I had to wait for Shelly and Megan to finish their show (Thunder From Down Under) so we drove to Fremont Street!

I thought Fremont Street was going to sketch but it was really awesome.  The lights were incredible and there were tons of street performers.

 We wanted to go on the zip line, but the wait time was over two hours so we decided that we won't wait.  At Fremont street there were lots of street performers, illusionists, and three separate stages with singers. I would highly recommend going! It was a neat experience compared to the Las Vegas Strip.

We still had some time to kill before Shelly and Megan were done, so we wandered around the Luxor. Everyone finished the night was taking pictures with the Las Vegas sign.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vegas - The Strip

Monday was the first "official" day on the Vegas Strip.  We spent most of the morning getting ready at Erin's Aunt and Uncles house then headed into Vegas.  We wandered around the shop's at Caesar's Palace then went to the shops at the Venetian on a hunt for a clothes.  Not for me.  For Megan and Shelly. They both bought tickets for Phantom of the Opera.  Erin and I decided that (since we have seen Phantom before in London) we wanted to go see Cirque Du Soleil.  So we bought tickets.  Smack dab in the middle of the theater.  Since we had time to kill before the show we watched the Sirens/Pirates show at Treasure Island.  It was pretty cool.  Lots of flames and fireworks.

Venetian - Gondola Rides

Once the Siren's show concluded we watched Mystére - Cirque Du Soleil.  It was the most strange, bizarre, awesome, acrobatic, funny thing I have ever seen. I loved it!  I say that about a lot of things... but I really did LOVE it.   I would go see it again and again if I could.  I highly recommend seeing it if you come to Vegas!  And of course I bought souvenirs.

Erin & I in front of Caesar's Palace
Yesterday was pretty awesome too, if I do say so myself.  In the morning I was up before the other girls so I went down into the Casino then out to Starbucks for some hot chocolate and cinnamon swirl coffee cake. Yum.  Eventually, once everyone got up, Erin and I walked up and down the Strip.  We first wandered towards the Mirage, then over to the Venetian and down towards Harrah's/Imperial Palace then back across to Caesar's Palace.  And I may have bought ten dollars worth of Godiva chocolate. Shame on me.  But it's so good!

The Whole Group
Bellagio Fountains in the Daytime

Once Erin and I were at Caesar's we meet up with the other girls and grabbed some lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  Such yummy cheesecake!  I love the Reece's Peanut Butter Cheesecake. Yep. Yep.   After lunch we went to Express (a store in Caesar's) then stopped to watch the fountains at the Bellagio.  So awesome! There was even a beautiful rainbow.

Bellagio Fountains at Night

We then headed back to the hotel... so much walking!  Erin and Shelly grabbed a nap while Megan and I went down to the pool to soak up some sun.  Did I mention it was 75 degrees yesterday? Perfect pool weather.  Once we felt like we soaked up sun we all headed to the Buffet in the Treasure Island Casino (our hotel).

New York New York!

Haha. Oh buffets.  We had way too much fun in the buffet.  Seriously though.  We ate way too much food, had way to much sugar, and laughed till our muscles were sore.

New York New York Rollercoaster
After the buffet we came back to the room then (after a short time of laying on our beds digesting) headed down to New York New York to ride the roller coaster.  I was scared! I've never been on an upside down roller coaster... but it was awesome!  So much fun!  I think I would most definitely go on it again!

After completely screaming my head off we went and watched the fountains at the Bellagio.  So much cooler at night! I can't believe how high the fountains went! It was absolutely incredible!   I took lots of pictures.  :)  Then it was back to the hotel room and off to bed I went.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a night person.  So staying up till midnight each night was really been a challenge for me.  But I'm glad I'm having such a good time.

More Vegas today baby!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The First Handful of Days

Thank goodness that Spring break is here!  I'm so excited to have a break from school and not worry about homework or meetings.

On Friday I left with Erin and her husband Matt for Provo.  We stayed at her mom's house Friday night and Saturday night.  After church this morning we are heading off to Las Vegas! So excited. It's gonna be awesome!
Jen and Erin being awesome!
Yesterday, Saturday, I decided to hang out with my friend Jen. Since she graduated in December I haven't seen her at all this semester.  After Erin, Jen, and I ate a yummy lunch at a cafe I was "traded off" to Jen. We meet up with Bonnie and Natalie (two of her other friends) and headed out to some shops. I didn't find anything to buy - but it was neat looking at all of the little trinkets.   And I found this funny sign posted on one of the shop doors.

After browsing for a couple hours we debated what to do next.  So why not head to Park City?  Yep. Mini road trip with Jen!

Park City was fun. We went to the Tanger Outlet Stores.  I found a nice leather built to replace my belt that is currently stapled together. Haha.  After wandering in and out of (what seemed like) a hundred stores we finally headed off to "Park City Pizza."  This little pizza joint was unexpectedly fantastic. Yum. Yum.

The night ended playing the game Scattergories.  Then it was back to Provo and back to Erin's house.

I better get ready for church now.  Haha. That's ironic. I'm going to church then heading to Vegas. :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012


My friend Jill "tagged" me in her blog post so I figured I should play along!  (Only I'm switching it up a little.)  

The rules for this tag game:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a picture of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.

The Sister and I  :)
Eleven Random Things:
- I'm super excited for spring break!
- Right now I'm watching reruns of Project Runway.  The new episode doesn't start for another two hours. 
- I should probably go to Zumba today, but I just did laundry and don't want to get a clean shirt all sweaty.  Pathetic I know.
- People say I'm skinny but I disagree. I want six pack abs and am so far from them. 
- I wear two hats in life. The cowgirl and the city girl.
- I love the fact that my apartment has green carpet. It's unique and unexpected. 
- I'm scared to graduate. Terrified in fact. I'm not ready for real life yet.
- On Sunday I'll be in Vegas. In the sun.
- Summer is my favorite season. By far.
-  I'm an introvert (thus why I live by myself), but I also love being around friends and going on adventures.
- I have a serious love/hate relationship with school.  Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I hate it. I think I worry about my grades too much.

Questions from Jill
1. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
I love chocolate ice cream. Love love. SO much. I also love cookie dough... and cookies and cream... and brownie... and sherbet... but chocolate will always be my first love.
2. If you could live anywhere for 10 years, where would you live?
Oh my gosh.  If I could live anywhere? Well (obviously) I love Oregon... but if I could live anywhere and wasn't restricted by money perhaps Australia. I do love it so!

3. What would have as a pet if it could be anything?
Define a pet. Does a horse count? Because I would love a Friesian or Andalusian - like the horses in Lord of the Rings.   If you don't consider a horse a pet then probably a sweet lovable dog (just like my pup).

4. Favorite movie?
Again.  This is a hard one.  I love old westerns and movies that involve horses.  I think my current favorite is somewhere between Seabiscuit, Secretariat, and War Horse.  Classically speaking, we've got to go with National Velvet. 

5. Paper or plastic?

6. What is an invention that you want to invent?
An iPhone that was 100% water proof. So you could take it swimming! 
7. What is your favorite kind of weather?
Sun. Warmth. Hot heat.

8. I'm copying this, but guilty pleasure?
Guilty pleasure of course. And the fact I'm trying to stop staring at the freezer... which happens to have chocolate ice cream in it.

9. What are you most excited for during 2012?
Graduation from Utah State!

10. If you could have any career in life, what would it be?
Any career? Any? Does world traveller count as a career?  If not how about a  a cameraman for BBC who gets to travel the world and film crazy amazing things like Planet Earth or Human Life.  Of course I would settle being a famous horse trainer or rancher!

11. If you could redo one thing from the past five years, what would it be?
I think maybe I would have done more studying abroad. Taken the chance to really explore the world before college graduation. 

Questions for You!
1. What did you love most about 2011?
2. What are you looking forward to most in 2012?
3. If you could travel to any county, what would it be?
4. What is your favorite thing to do where you live?
5. Favorite kind of cake?
6. Biggest fear for 2012?
7. Dream car?
8. Where do you see yourself ten or twenty years from now?
9. Mac or PC?
10.  Favorite pattern? (Like I said earlier I’m watching Project Runway. So what is it? Plaid, stripes, polka dots, etc.)
11. Do you buy name brands or generic brands?

So if you are still with my it's your turn! Pick your social media network of choice. Or at least do it in your head.

Also... look forward to lots of posts over spring break. I decided to drag my laptop with me so that I can update my blog with photos.  

Monday, March 5, 2012

Making the Statesman for Service

Guess what? I made the Statesman!  On Saturday I volunteered for Common Ground, a non profit in Cache Valley that helps provide outdoor recreational opportunities of all kinds of persons with disabilities.  I was interviewed by the Statesman, but I didn't expect this much to be in the paper!  It's kind of exciting.

I made a copy of the paper, but it isn't in color. I think it's still readable though. UPDATE: The statesman just posted the article online! Now you can read it.
Click Here to Read It!

(If you click on the pictures they enlarge.)

Friday, March 2, 2012

March Came in Like a Lion

You know that song (or maybe it's a saying) that says "March comes in like and lion and goes out like a lamb..."  Well. March has certainly come in like a lion. Three straight days of snow. And a lot of it.  Everything is white and powdery... except that I am ready to spring. Heck. Skip spring and go straight to summer mode.  Warmth? Yes please.

Perhaps I'm missing Australia a little too much.  It was always warm there. And I loved it!  Can I go back?

Other than me complaining about snow.... can I complain about chemistry? I failed my exam yesterday.  52%.  Are you kidding me?!  The one test I thought I would do well on I completely fail.  This might be a result of senioritis, but I don't think so. I studied so freakin' hard for this test. And then I fail. Awesome. Not.

Can we just fast forward to spring break?

A terrible thought just came into my head... If I fail another test I might not pass chemistry.  If I don't pass chemistry I don't graduate. If I don't graduate my world will come to and end.  No. No. No.

Maybe it's like this quote?

Except I'm pretty sure my sprout is small and so is my carrot.

I'm so ready for the weekend. Minus all of the homework I have to do. And projects. And events. And everything else!

Whew... sorry. I had to get that out of my system. I'm just a tad stressed if you can't tell. This post is also spastic. But that's ok. Those of you that read this probably know I'm like that in really life. But not usually this bad.