Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Day!

Happy Leap Year Day!

The day (February 29th) that only comes around once every four years! Does that mean that this year will have 366 days? Either way, leap day is pretty exciting. It's a Wednesday after all.

Last time I blogged about the Aggie basketball game (if you haven't read that post yet, you should).  Since then not much has happened.  I have a chemistry test tomorrow.  Am I ready? Not really. Nervous? Yes.  My goal is to do better on the second test than I did on the first test - but I've heard from various people that the second test is the hardest one... but who knows.

Oh! My friend Erin and I decided that we are going to Las Vegas for spring break. So excited!  We are going to spend the first night with some family she has there, then spend two nights on the strip at the Treasure Island hotel, then spend the remainder of the days with her family.  I think it will be a fun! Roller coasters, shows,  shopping, and seeing the lights.  I am definitely looking forward to a break from school!  (And keep checking my blog March 11-16... I'm sure I will be posting lots of pictures!)

I am also having a hard time believing that tomorrow is March 1st.  MARCH.  Who knew it would come so fast?  Just March... then April... then graduation the first weekend of May. Ah!

I have two hard classes this semester: Chemistry and Watershed Science.  Chemistry I know I will pass. Watershed? I sure hope so. The class is turning out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be.  Must graduate.

Speaking of graduation.  I got an invitation to join Xi Sigma Pi, which is basically a natural resources honor society. I'm pretty excited about it!  In order to become "initiated" I have to make a tree and have all the members sign it.  So that's another project on my list....

Now I have to trample through the snow to work.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Aggie Magic - Senior Night 2012

Oh to be a Utah State Aggie.  The spectrum was absolute magic last night (Feb. 24th 2012).  The night started recognizing the basketball seniors. It was emotional to say the least.  The game started out with teeth-clenching action. We fought Idaho and made our way to the top.  Ultimately winning to game 67-50. Go Aggies!
Big Blue
I went to the game with Sydney (who has made it on my blog before... I also work with her at the Quinney) and Shane (who is in the Forestry Club and has also made it on my blog before).  I'm so excited that we went to the game. And that the Aggies won!

Sydney and I

It was a great memory that I am going to hold on to forever!

Don't forget about Wild Bill either! I surely hope you know who I am talking about. If not, you are probably from Mars. But that's ok. I'll fill you in really quickly. Wild Bill is famous at USU. Famous for totally distracting the other team when them attempt to take free throws.  He wears ridouclous customer that usually involve him being half-naked.  He's turned into a mermaid, hula dancer, loin, and pirate.  Tonight he was... well... I'm not entirely sure. But he was pink!  And I totally got a picture.
Wild Bill
Oh. And the Hurd (which describe themselves as "the rowdiest, loudest, biggest, and best fans of USU athletics") took some awesome photos of the senior game. I was browsing their pictures and saw I managed to make it into some of them.  Hooray for sitting in row 9!   I'll put an arrow to my face so you can see me!
I was looking at my score board I think.  (You can click on
the picture to make it bigger!)
I love the chant "I believe" that USU is famous for, but I also love the chant "Winning Team."  Because we won. Check it out.

Love my Utah State Aggies.  Winning Team!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidents Day Weekend

I spent the majority of Saturday cleaning my apartment, going to zumba, then going to Firehouse Pizzeria for my friend Liz's birthday dinner.  We ate some really good pizza and had lots of laughs.  It was really fun and made for a good Saturday night.
Abby and Liz Eating Up!
Katlin & Caitlin. We are so pale!
Because it was Liz's birthday she got a free FH'zookie.  (Half baked chocolate chip cookie amazingness topped with vanilla ice-cream.)  Of course Abby and I decided we needed too! Much to our surprise the waiter didn't charge us for it! I think he was trying to flirt with us. Haha.  So one free FH'zookie later we headed home for the night.

Our free FH'zookie!
Also. Erin made me amazing cookies. She is the best! And they are so good! According to her the secret is sour cream and homemade icing. I must try to make these sometime!

On Sunday I headed up to Beaver with Caitlin to get in a great day of skiing. Thank goodness it snowed and the slopes had some good powder on them.  We enjoyed hitting the powder in some tree stands and had a blast! It was a totally awesome day.  Cold, but well worth it!

Today, Monday, I'm enjoying the day off from school. I think I'll use today to cook a delicious roast and work on homework.  And who knows, I might do something else fun today. But right now food and homework are my main objectives.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14th... 2012

Today is February 14th.  Some call it "singles awareness day". Some call it just another commercialized holiday. I call it Valentines day.  So Happy Valentines Day!

Fun fact for every: Oregon was officially made a state February 14th, 1859.

Another fun fact.  I forgot to blog about Saturday night and Sunday.  

Saturday I spent most of the day sleeping in, watching movies, doing homework, and just being lazy.  It wasn't too terribly exciting. That was until Erin called me.  Her and her hubby had an extra ticket to go a local high school production of Beauty and the Beast. So of course I went with them!

The Beast makeup. Wow!
The play was pretty amazing for a high school production! Can you believe there were 65 kids in the cast? Holy cow. And the costumes were awesome! And it was really fun to watch!  It made for a pretty fun Saturday night.  If you want to read about the production check out this article by the Herald Journal News [Click Here].  There are also a bunch of photos from the Smithfield Sun [click here] which shows the ornate costumes.  So much fun!

On Sunday Erin, Alexis, Jordan, Jill, Sydney, and I all went to Josie's farewell out in Smithfield. She's leaving for her LDS mission to Calgary Canada tomorrow. I'm really excited for her and I think it will be a good experience.  Still. I'll miss our little traditions. Like eating popcorn at 9:30 in the morning at work or going to the Quadside for bagels. Oh and hot chocolate. We both love hot chocolate.

After her farewell everyone went and ate soup. It was delicious. And the cake was scrumptious.  It was a pretty good Sunday if I say so myself.

Also... My mom is the sweetest person ever! She sent me chocolate chip cookie mix, brownie mix, York mints (my favorite!), awesome socks, pink stuffed frog, and cute little jewelry box.  Love her!  She is amazing!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Italian Sodas and 80s Music

This last week I got an 80% on my Chemistry test which made me pretty upset.  I studied really hard and tried to do really well.  Next time I really want to do better.  A lot better.  We'll see if that happens though.

Alexis and I have found that the Quadside CafĂ© on campus has really good Italian sodas.  And they aren't too terribly expensive given the price of food on campus.  So it's become habit to go grab a soda and share it between us.  Delicious.
Italian Soda
Friday was Josie's last day at the Quinney before she leaves to go on a LDS mission to Canada.  She brought a cute cake to work that said "I [heart] QL" in sprinkles on it.  (It's kind of difficult to see in the picture though.)

Yummy Cake
I'm sad about her leaving, but it will be an amazing journey and an awesome experience.  So excited for her!  Speaking of awesome...

I went to a "Totally Awesome 80s Concert" in the Kent Concert Hall last night. It was so fun! I decided last minute that I should go so I jumped up and headed over.  I was surprised to see how many people came to the concert! I didn't think there would be that many people there, but the hall was practically filled!

80s Concert
Erin (my awesome friend) was part of the awesome concert! She found me afterwards and invited me to come to Village Inn with her family and eat pie.  So of course I went!  Her family is really nice and Village Inn has fantastic peanut butter pie. Oh. So yummy! And now I have 80s music stuck in my head... but I'm ok with that!

Erin & I
Today consist of homework and housework.  I need to laundry, vacuum, and do my dishes. I also need to finish writing a paper for one of my classes and study chemistry. May I'll do something fun tonight. Or maybe I'll just watch a movie and make cookies.

I just love cookies.

And... the Utah State Aggies lost our basketball game  today against New Mexico.  According to the ESPN announcers it's the first time the Aggies have lost three home games in a row in the Spectrum.  Too sad.

Monday, February 6, 2012

90 Days

90 days till I graduate from Utah State. 90 days till the Kentucky Derby.  Why are they on the same day?! But I guess my graduation is kinda important to I'll have to record the Derby.  One thing I've decided I want to is ride a race horse.  Yep.  This comes from watching far too many race horse movies this weekend. But this is definitely going on my bucket list... for sure!  It would be really neat to breeze a horse once around a track and just see what it feel like.  I've ridden my own horses around tracks, but in a western saddle or English saddle, it's still not the same thing.

On a totally unrelated note, I surprised Josie on Friday by taking her out to dinner at the Olive Garden! I pretended like we were just going ourselves but in all reality we ate dinner with Sydney, Alexis, Patsy, and Susanne. So six people total!  I hope Josie had fun and enjoyed the presents we gave her! I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that the Quinney is going to miss her!

After a delicious dinner and amazing breadsticks, Josie and I went to the USU gymnastics meet. First time I've been to one in person. It was awesome! I wish I had crazy muscles like those girls!

Anyways.... hopefully I manage to survive this week.  I have confusing watershed homework due on Wednesday and a chemistry test on Tuesday. Ekk!  All I've got to do is make it 90 more days! Then I'm "free" so to speak. Haha.
(PS. I'm actually posting this on Monday. Which means 89 days!)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Black Diamonds

Hello world!  Anybody out there that actually reads this thing still? (Besides Josie... because she's sitting next to me as I type this!)

Let's see. Thursday I went to work. And took pictures with Josie and Sydney. Then fulfilled my TA duties. Then went skiing! Then went to Zumba. Then hung out with my friend Matt. Then Chantry. That's my day in a short simplified version.
Josie Sandwich! 
So skiing was awesome.  It was a beautiful day up at the Beav and I had a lot of fun rocking the slopes.  And I love being able to ski black diamonds. It makes me feel validated.  I own the slopes and am totally in my element up there.  I also fail at taking pictures of my self.  But that's ok!

Oh hi.
Let's see. Anything else? Oh... Matt (my awesome neighbor) taught me that orange juice and gingerale together is delicious.  New drink of the week right there.

Zumba was great. Lots of dancing and me not being able to move my hips or butt. Great times.  And cereal for dinner. Frosted Flakes rock! I think that's all for now.  Not very exciting, but a better Thursday than most.  Tonight: Party with Josie!