Saturday, December 8, 2012

Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Peaceful

There are so many peaceful places that can be found in the wild. The first photo below is one of the most peaceful memories in my mind. It was an early morning (around 5 o'clock am) in near Rathdowney, Queensland, Australia and I found this amazing little knoll to hike up to. As the sun rose it was absolutely breathtaking and I just sat there... absorbing the amazing place I was at.

Rathdowney, Queensland, Australia 
Another one of my favorite places is Eagle Cap, in the Eagle Cap Wilderness. It's such a neat mountain and there is a fantastic little meadow that simply resonates 'peaceful.'

Eagle Cap Wilderness, Oregon
Then there is my favorite meadow. I've spent many days simply lounging bareback on my horse soaking in the sun while he quietly grazes on the meadow grass. Truly a peaceful and simplistic place.

Eagle Cap Wilderness, Oregon

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