Saturday, December 8, 2012

I Love Travel

Simply put, traveling is fantastic. I love reading travel blogs, watching travel shows, and surfing the internet for hours researching all sorts of crazy destinations; but really I love to get out and actually travel the world. There are still millions of places I haven't been, but I'm really lucky because I've had the chance to do my fair share of world-exploring.

I'm not sure if I've said this before on my blog (and I'm too lazy to look) but Alexis and I are going to Southeast Asia in late January and early February.  We've booked all our flights so far and all of our hotels... so we are getting closer to having a complete itinerary! I'm so excited to be jumping on a plane again and exploring somewhere new! Although, if we skipped the super long flight I wouldn't be opposed to that. Hasn't someone out there invented a way to teleport yet?

Alexis and I will be doing some truly amazing things like riding elephants in Thailand and horseback riding in Cambodia. I'm getting so excited!

As for right now, the current goal is to survive the snow up here at the lodge. It just keeps piling up! And, to make matters worse, I forgot my skis.

Scout rock'n his new snow boots.

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