Friday, November 30, 2012

Scout in Lights

Let's start off with a picture. (Sorry it's so dark!)
Scout and Lucky napping on my bed.
Right now I'm up at Cornucopia enjoying the rain and snow showers (lie). I drove up from Union to babysitting or puppy sit my dad's dog while he and my mom drove to Wyoming. I tried to film a GoPro video but I left basically everything I would need except the camera at home, so the whole video thing didn't really work out. Maybe next time I'll make a video of Cornucopia from a dog's point of view.

Scout in Lights
I've managed to keep myself busy by decorating my dog in Christmas lights and knitting an ear warmer to keep out the winter chill. Actually I did some rather interesting things this week such as wrapping the backhoe up like a Christmas present, only instead of wrapping paper I used a giant silver tarp.  Pretty fun, eh? I've also been working on some Horse Camp things getting ready for next year. I need to find some counselors for the summer, change around the prices, make the calendar and update the website. I also want to make some short videos that maybe we can upload on our website to encourage people to come see this awesome place!

Knitted Head Band (more photos to come)

If you are knitter here's the website that I found the pattern on. (Click here.) The ear warmer came out a tad big so I suggest editing the pattern once you knit the first 50-60 stitches. 

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