Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cayuse Flats

It's been series of unfortunate events up here, or at least it has felt that way.

Right now I'm sitting in my wall tent at Cayuse babysitting half-ton animals that keep complaining about lack of food. The horses think they are starving or something silly like that.

Well the 'unfortunate events' started when we couldn't buy the correct feed at PGG because they were out of stock. They continued when Shawn's truck broke down trying to haul stock up the Hat Point Road to Cayuse Flats. Talk about a steep and narrow road that you would never want to break down on. It wouldn't have been that bad, except Shawn was hauling about seven horses. It took Mark and Shawn until midnight to manage to unhook the truck from trailer, re-hook to Mark's truck, move Shawn's truck far enough off the road people could narrowly get by, then continue up the road to Cayuse. Meanwhile I sat at base camp next to the fire waiting (all my gear was in Shawn's truck, so no coat, sleeping bag, or snacks to speak off.)

More unfortunate events followed the next day. Mark and I loaded up the hunters gear on mules, got the guys mounted up on horses, then took off towards Horse Troughs in relatively good time. Like the road to Cayuse, the trail to Horse Troughs in really steep and narrow. It would be our luck that a hunter went tumbling down the hill. Thank goodness he wasn't seriously injured, but he definitely couldn't keep riding into camp.

After the hunter decided that he wanted to go back to base camp, I road back with him. He got settled into the outfitters tent (which I did not exactly have prepared for guests), then I turned around and rode back to meet Mark. Good thing it's easy to follow so many animals because I haven't ever been to Horse Troughs. I actually didn't make it there, since I met Mark on his way back towards the trail head.

I just love riding in the dark. Not.

I spent the next day basically around camp feeding the horses, watering them, which is not close by, and getting dinner ready.

The following morning Mark took the hunter to La grande since the guy decided he really needed to see a doctor. And just like the day before I watered horses and fed them.

I just with I wasn't stuck here. I'm really not a fan of outfitting during hunting season. Thank goodness the weather has held for the most part. I know the hunters want snow, but I'm perfectly content with sun. (Although it's mostly been rain here or at least really overcast.)

I'm off to go water the horses I suppose. I'll post more photos once I'm back home. In my own bed.with my laptop. I do have admit though, it sure is pretty up here!

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