Sunday, November 11, 2012

Back to the Grind

Basically I want to complain in this post. It's cold outside and I'd really prefer not to be stuck doing stuff for hunting season. Can't this just be over already? I just want to be done. Period. But, I guess that is just the nature of the job.

Mark, Jim, and I are headed back to Cayuse today to get a group of hunters out tomorrow then get their gear out the following day(s). I'm hoping we can be back by Thursday but, who really knows. Then we'll pack gear out of Mud Flats, then Splashdam, and maybe (if we are really lucky) we will finish before Thanksgiving.

So much fun. At least I've got my puppy dog to keep my company.

Oh yes. And thank you to all the Veterans that have served this country! May this Veterans' Day serve as a reminder that the freedom of this country comes at a cost and we should solute those that sacrifice for the sake of this land.  

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