Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dreaming of Drafts

I promise this isn't a completely random post, but it doesn't exactly have a point. Other than I really want a draft team. Big beautiful horses. Here's the problem. We have a "team," except neither of them know what they are doing. Therefore I can't exactly go out and hitch them up to the wagon any old time I want. They need some serious work put into them. To be completely honest, I would rather buy a draft team that's already trained and spend my time during the winter breaking some horses to ride - not breaking a team to drive.  

But, since I haven't found a (cheap/affordable) team to buy, I tried to work with Jim some today and see how far we could get. 

We got the harness on.

I think Jim doesn't agree with the blinders. And he can't really steer. Or stop. But we back up just fine! He's still a handsome draft even if he needs a lot of work.

Jim. Harnessed up. Unsure of this whole process.
The other reason I really want to buy a team is because we already have a beautiful sleigh and a great big wagon. I'd love to start using the equipment, rather than just having them sit out on the field.  Besides, I want to go on a sleigh ride! 

I guess the wagon also needs a paint job. Color suggestions anyone? Green? Stain it brown? Red? (I think green would be neat...)

The wagon!
Other than attempting to drive Jim, and realizing the wagon seriously needs to be painted, I cleaned the house and finished my knitting project. Green and purple bag anyone? I think it turned out ok for the first bag I ever knit. There are some mistakes, but its got a good shape and there are pockets!  I wonder if I should line it in fabric....

That's all for right now. I'll be spending the next little while (until the middle of November) working out of Moss Springs and Cayuse Flats. I don't really like hunting season because it's cold, and riding/packing in the cold doesn't sound like fun. But, I guess we'll see! Here's to hoping I won't freeze! 

Ok. I lied. That's not all... thought I should give this post a quick update and say that I got an honorable mention in a Fall Photo Challenge from Woohoo!

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