Friday, September 28, 2012

The Greatest Group of Gals

Well this has been some week! After (mostly) overcoming an ear infection and laryngitis I got the chance to some really neat things.

I first took some great people from Seattle on a short (2 hour) horse ride. It's really neat to ride up the canyon and see the landscape start to shift into fall. The trees are changing colors, the grass is changing texture, and yet it's still warm during the daytime.  I know that the couple I took from Seattle really had a great ride and I'm always happy when people tell me I made them completely comfortable on the horses. That's my whole goal really... to make the people have a great time and be comfortable.

Pine Lakes Trail Fall 2012
We also had a great group of gals come up and spend the week. They brought their own horses up and rented a cabin so they could ride each day. The first day they headed up to Union-Companion Mine; I was out exercising Misty (my filly) and Quincy (my new horse) when I ran into them. They invited me to ride with them, I of course accepted and off we went. These gals were so great and kind! They let me ride with them each day and I really think they had a great stay. I know they liked being about to seeing Sugarloaf and Norway Basin. The colors up in the mountains are gorgeous right now!

Norway Basin
It was a really fun week filled with ups and downs. I'm mostly jotting this down so when I go back and read my blog someday I'll be able to laugh. So you can skip the rest of this paragraph. We had Christie's horse Josie that flipped upside down six times! (No worries... no one/animal was hurt.) Christie's horse lady rolled on a rock and ended up with a sore back. Karen's horse Jerry came down with a bad cinch sore. I lent them two of our horses for $2 a piece; only because they wanted to pay something. We road Union-Companion, Snider's Meadow to Randa's Camp, and finally Norway Basin-East Fork loop. We saw three separate herds of elk, several with bulls. We saw took lots of photos. Ate lots of sweets. Saw a couple of nice does and bucks. Found a deer leg in the middle of the trail (that was a little strange). And we never got lost!

Elk! Aren't all you hunter's jealous?
I came out of the week making some friends and getting to know a great group of women! They were so kind and nice. It was really neat to be able to ride with them and know that it was all for fun. I really hope they enjoyed their time and come back again!

(L to R) Christie, Karen, Katlin, Joyce, Sheri, and Kathy.
Kathy is taking the photo. I love Hap's ear in the picture!
I'm home for Friday and Saturday night because my mom and I are headed to Jack Bowen's funeral tomorrow. Although it's sad, I know the Diane (his wife) is glad that he passed quickly rather than slowly. She's such a great lady and we are here to support her!

Hopefully I'll also have time to hop on my old horse Lance while I'm home and give him some love. For now though it's off to bed. Scout (my dog) already has the idea; he's on the bed next to me snoring. Out like a light!

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