Monday, September 17, 2012

23 Things To Do When You Are Sick

Why am I sick?

I have been feeling slightly sick... then all of the sudden: wham! Sore throat and stuffed up nose. Not cool.  I think I also made Mark (one of our wranglers) also sick. Whoops.  So, what do you do when you have an ear infection and laryngitis?

That's an excellent question. I have a hard time sitting around, so here's my list of things to do when you are sick (if you feel well enough).

1. Watch a favorite movie.
2. Pick up that book you haven't had time to read.
3. Create a comic strip.
4. Nap. This isn't very original, but sometimes I forget when I'm sick.
5. Paint your toenails... try a fun design. I suggest sites like 'The Beauty Department' (
6. Play a game. Whether it's a board game or online game, taking your mind off of being sick can be a good thing.
7. Browse some interesting websites. I suggest Pioneer Woman:
8. Blog... this is my favorite.
9. Explore YouTube.
10. Pinterest can be a great waste of time if you enjoy that site.
11. Sore throat like me? Gargle with salt water.
12. If you feel up to it, finish a project that you haven't had time for. Things like scrapbooking, card making, or jewelry making can be relaxing if done at a slow pace.
13. Eat! Eat whatever sounds good. I swear by this one. Chicken noodle soup sound good? Drink it. Pizza sound good. Do it. (Not recommended when you have 'stomach' related issues.)
14. Knit.
15. Cuddle up with a warm blanket and a cute.
16. Yoga.
17. Listen to some relaxing music, but make sure that it's not too loud.
18. Invest in soft Kleenex's. They can be the different between pain and comfort (as much as one can have when you are sick).
19. Try to learn something. Learn how to sign you name, write it in Thai, etc.
20. Sunny and warm outside? Then sit outside. The sun can do amazing things.
21. Rent that movie you missed seeing in theaters. Salt sound good? Pop some popcorn.
22. Plan out a 'fall bucket list.'
23. Watch home videos or pull out some old photos.

That's all the idea's I have for now.... here's to feeling better if you don't feel good like me!

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