Thursday, August 30, 2012

Backgrounds and GRE Prep (Two Things Entirely Unrelated)

I've had the same background on my blog... forever. Or what seems forever. I put it together in photoshop, spent hours laboring over exactly what I wanted and I love it. But I think I'm ready for a change. Only problem is I can't find something I like better.

So I will continue hunting down blog backgrounds until I find something I want to use. Or maybe I'll re-vamp it entirely. This being said, my blog might be in a state of flux! But keep reading and whatnot and I'll keep posting. And editing backgrounds and headers.

Oh. I also order some GRE prep books today. If I ever want to go to grad school I should take the GRE now, while I still remember things. Before I completely forget everything. Like how to write complete sentences. Oh wait. This is always how I write my blog. So, hopefully they will come in the mail sometime and I can start studying!

And thanks to my sister Heidi for helping me decide what books to order off Amazon!

Update: Totally in love with the new look of my blog. I realize it's simple, but it's great. Oh and if you are looking for books to study for the GRE I recommend 'Cracking the GRE, 2013 Edition' by the Princeton Review.  I also recommend taking a look at Barron's 'New GRE.'   Don't bother getting the book published by ETS... they provide the same practice tests that are in the book online (for free!).

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