Monday, July 16, 2012

Meet Toby

So, if you read my last post I briefly mentioned that I was going to go see a horse I saw online. Well, it turns out he is awesome and I ended up buying him!

Toby (registered name Quincy's Royal Image) is such a sweet heart. He was so mellow and I think he likes me. He has such a smooth walk with a huge stride. I think he is around 16 hands (tall!) and he's a registered Paint.

As soon as I finish with breakfast I'm headed back over to Enterprise to pick him up. I'm really excited about this horse and I think we will have a great time! I think he fits my personality. :) Connie, the lady who I bought him from, was so nice and I'm surprised that Toby hadn't been snatched up by someone else when I got there.

One last thing; mom and I stopped at the Hells Canyon Overlook since we hadn't done that before. It sure was pretty and I took a neat panoramic photo. (You can click on the photos to make them larger.)

Off to Enterprise. I'll be sure to post another photo of Toby when I get him back up here this afternoon!


  1. I like Toby. He's beautiful looking!

  2. So glad you liked Toby, and I think the reason that nobody else snatched him up was cause you were meant for him! My aunt Connie is very happy you are taking him and feels good about where he is going. He is a joy and he will be a great part of your life. Thank you for making the trip to see him and best of luck in your future and your rides with Toby! Thanks for the GREAT post on a great partnership!