Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Colorful Manes, Challenging Trails, and Toby's Adventures

Last week I let Kelsie, one of the horse campers, dip dye Cracker's hair. Doesn't she look awesome? I'm pretty sure Kelsie used demi-permnant dye (both blue and purple). I think Cracker looks stunning! She works her mane like a champion!
Cracker's Dip Dyed Mane
I also played with Misty some these last few days. She's been really good about bareback and she doesn't seem to mind. I think she takes after her mom Dipsey - calm. She's such a good little mare. Emphasis on little. Haha. Look at how low my feet are to the ground!
Riding Little Misty
Yesterday Jim, Mark, and I took in gear to Pine Lakes. Pine Lakes is such a beautiful ride! We are headed up back there tomorrow to take more supplies in, then we have a group coming in on Saturday. Plug time; interested in taking a trip with us or staying in our lodge? Visit

Pine Lakes Trail
Today I took Toby up on his first real trail ride since bringing him home. He did so great! He was really sweaty by the end, but I think he had fun! He has a great walk and wasn't hesitant about anything on the trail.  Oh, we was a five plus point bull elk. Did he spook? Nope! :) I think this is a great horse!
Toby (Quincy's Royal Image)
Last thing for tonight's blog post... I try to take self portraits while riding down the trail. Half the time I totally miss, look awkward, etc. The other half are ok. And once in a while there is a gem. I think this is a 'gem.' I accidentally left the zoom on and this is the product. Not bad, eh?


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