Saturday, July 28, 2012

Parelli and the Dish Washer (aka me)

When you live up in the mountains, little things can make you really excited. Like finding out that the new Prime Minister of Egypt got his master's at Utah State University. So cool! (

Another exciting thing is that Parelli Natural Horsemanship "liked" my photo.  Just to fill you in, Pat Parelli is a well-known name is the horse world and it's neat that they liked my photo on Instagram.
Photo collage of Lancelot
And now for a small rant... the thing I hate most about Cornucopia Lodge is doing the stupid dishes every single night. Really?  Can we just buy a dish washer already? I hate washing dishes more than anything else. Yes. I know commercial dish washers are expensive.... so apparently I should change my job title to 'Annoyed Dish Washer' because it appears I shall be washing them forever.

Skipping subjects - has anyone been watching the Olympics? I caught the dressage event this morning and managed to watch the Opening Ceremonies on BBC. Love the Olympics. I really hope I get to watch show jumping and women's gymnastics. Those athletes are amazing! I seriously wish I had their muscles! 

I think that's all I have to say for this random post. Maybe next time I'll have something more interesting to write about.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Colorful Manes, Challenging Trails, and Toby's Adventures

Last week I let Kelsie, one of the horse campers, dip dye Cracker's hair. Doesn't she look awesome? I'm pretty sure Kelsie used demi-permnant dye (both blue and purple). I think Cracker looks stunning! She works her mane like a champion!
Cracker's Dip Dyed Mane
I also played with Misty some these last few days. She's been really good about bareback and she doesn't seem to mind. I think she takes after her mom Dipsey - calm. She's such a good little mare. Emphasis on little. Haha. Look at how low my feet are to the ground!
Riding Little Misty
Yesterday Jim, Mark, and I took in gear to Pine Lakes. Pine Lakes is such a beautiful ride! We are headed up back there tomorrow to take more supplies in, then we have a group coming in on Saturday. Plug time; interested in taking a trip with us or staying in our lodge? Visit

Pine Lakes Trail
Today I took Toby up on his first real trail ride since bringing him home. He did so great! He was really sweaty by the end, but I think he had fun! He has a great walk and wasn't hesitant about anything on the trail.  Oh, we was a five plus point bull elk. Did he spook? Nope! :) I think this is a great horse!
Toby (Quincy's Royal Image)
Last thing for tonight's blog post... I try to take self portraits while riding down the trail. Half the time I totally miss, look awkward, etc. The other half are ok. And once in a while there is a gem. I think this is a 'gem.' I accidentally left the zoom on and this is the product. Not bad, eh?


Monday, July 16, 2012

Meet Toby

So, if you read my last post I briefly mentioned that I was going to go see a horse I saw online. Well, it turns out he is awesome and I ended up buying him!

Toby (registered name Quincy's Royal Image) is such a sweet heart. He was so mellow and I think he likes me. He has such a smooth walk with a huge stride. I think he is around 16 hands (tall!) and he's a registered Paint.

As soon as I finish with breakfast I'm headed back over to Enterprise to pick him up. I'm really excited about this horse and I think we will have a great time! I think he fits my personality. :) Connie, the lady who I bought him from, was so nice and I'm surprised that Toby hadn't been snatched up by someone else when I got there.

One last thing; mom and I stopped at the Hells Canyon Overlook since we hadn't done that before. It sure was pretty and I took a neat panoramic photo. (You can click on the photos to make them larger.)

Off to Enterprise. I'll be sure to post another photo of Toby when I get him back up here this afternoon!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

From the 4th On

Right. Time to blog.

Let’s start with July 1st, since that’s when things got interesting. Heidi and David came to visit the lodge for about a week. The 1st was Heidi’s birthday, but I forgot to get her something. Sorry sis! But in all honesty, if you’ve been to Halfway there isn’t a lot of places to shop. Especially when you go down on Sundays when 90% of stores are closed. 

When Heidi and David showed up (around 6:30pm) they took Erin down to horse camp to be in the two-week camp. Both of the counselors’ seemed really impressed with Erin. I’m so proud of my niece for stepping up and being awesome during her two weeks at camp.

My half sister Lisa came on the 2nd with several of her kids. It was great to have the sisters together for a couple of days.  We went on a fun little trail ride up to the Union-Companion Mine later on in the week.  We poked around up there for several hours, finding all sorts of trinkets.

Union Companion Tracks
Lisa and I (plus Scout!)
The fourth of July is tradition by now up here. Wake up. Eat a big breakfast. Then gather up everyone (horse camper’s too) and head to Haines for their annual 4th of July rodeo. Which I have to say is a unique rodeo – which I love! Mutton busting (small children attempt to ride sheep), wild cow races (teams of three attempt to saddle and ride wild cows from on end the arena to the other), ranch bronc riding (similar to saddle bronc, only with real saddles), and of course barrel racing. My sister also discovered deep fried pop tarts. Weird, right?
Heidi and I watching the Haines Rodeo

After the rodeo we went back to Halfway, watched the small parade, then played pinochle until the fireworks show started. Dad and I played on one team, while Heidi and mom made up the other team. 
Stealing photos from Heidi's blog :)
The fireworks show was pretty good for a small town and we had a great spot on the lawn. All in all it was a really fun day.

And then in the following days we got the zipline up and running. That makes things with horse camp really fun. Plus Heidi and I really had fun with it.

Flying down the zip line
On Saturday and Sunday mom “exchanged” horse campers in Portland and Heidi picked up her next exchange student Moritz who arrived from Germany. Moritz’s is pretty neat. He filmed Scout flying down the zip line. I still can’t believe I sent Scout down a zipline. Haha. If you haven't seen that video click this link...

The days have basically run in a blur since then. This morning I'm at home in union because I’m going to look at a horse today that I might possibly buy. He’s a beauty and really tall, but since I haven’t seen him in person I’m not sure if the price is too high.

And before I forget, little Misty accomplished her first trail ride the other day. What a sweet horse she is going to be!  Cracker also has shoes on so I can give WindDancer a break from working so hard.
Kelsie (horse camper) riding Cracker, Katlin on WindDancer

Sunday night it’ll be back to work up at the lodge.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Scout the Zip-lining Dog

So I have been a slacker blogger.  Yep. Totally slacking. To quickly fill you in Heidi and her family from Alabama are here. And thus the adventures begin. Like sending my dog, Scout, down the zip-line! I literally can't stop watching when I watch this video.  Moritz is Heidi and David's exchange student from Germany - compliments to him for the awesome commentary and video!

...I still can't believe I sent my dog down a zip-line! I'm sure glad he is devoted and trusts me! p.s. If you watch this twice look at my facial expression when I send him down the platform!