Saturday, May 26, 2012

Update on Life

My poor little blog is neglected. Thus the life when you work out in the middle of nowhere.

So I'll update you on 'my happenings...'  I'm getting really good at digging holes. I should have gotten a degree in carpentry. Barbed wire plus neoprene muck boots don't mix.  Barbed wire plus chainsaws don't mix. Barbed wire plus backhoe tires don't mix. Pretty much barbed wired is the devil when it's on the ground not keep cows out.  The rain and the snow make driving the backhoe interesting. My muscles hurt. Scout (my dog) snores when he is really tired. It's pretty fun.  I still write short sentences. I don't feel like I graduated. The site for horse camp is starting to look like a campsite rather than a stand of trees. The new generator for the lodge is installed. And perhaps the best part right now: The lodge has wifi.  So if you want to contact me, e-mail is the way to go.

Oh and mostly right now I feel totally unprepared for this summer. It's gonna be a long one. But I'm sure that will change. Maybe.

Cornucopia Lodge right after a rain storm.

Scout sound asleep laying on my legs.

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  1. Poor Katlin! Hang in there! I'm coming to see you again really soon! We are driving through Oklahoma City right now (very boring and flat). David is having fun counting road kill our in all of the Indian Reservations). Love you!