Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Utah State

In three days I'll graduate. In four days I'll be back in Oregon.  So here's a post dedicated to my adventures while attending the best school ever.

This is my Utah State.  The place where I spent my college days. The place that will always have a place in my heart. These are the things I will miss.

The Quinney.

The "A

The College of Natural Resources.

Going with the Forestry Club to cut down Christmas Trees.

Volunteering at the Howl. 

Aggie Basketball.

My apartment with it's lime green carpet.
Notice the tree matches the color of my carpet.
CNR Week.

Decorating Patsy's office!

The Willow-Park Zoo.

Hiking the Crimson trail in Logan Canyon with Josie.

Hiking in the Canyon.

Aggie Football Games.

Skiing Beaver.

Celebrating my 21st birthday in Alabama. 

The opportunity I had to go on a study abroad in Australia!

Hiking the Outback.

Having my family come to Oz!

Spending Fall break in Arizona

The changing of the leaves in Logan Canyon.

Random adventures with Jen.

Service with Caitlin!

Being in the Statesman.

Putting up the Christmas Tree in the CNR.

Cleaning the sink at Angies.

Bat Boxes as a Service-Learning Scholar.

My birthday dinner with friends at Firehouse.

Spring Break in Las Vegas.

Becoming the ENVS Department's Outstanding the Senior.

Joining Xi Sigma Pi.

Trying my Cap and Gown on for the First Time

Campus When the Grass is Green

Logan Sunsets

My Crazy Awesome Zumba Class

Jamba Juice

Tandoori Oven
Logan Canyon
The Scotsman
Big Blue
Fredrico's Pizza
Snow Days
80+ Degree Days
My Professors
The Quadside & Library
The fact dead week isn't dead...
Free Food
End of the Year Bash
Campus Events
Kent Concert Hall
Graduating and everything in between...

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