Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Last Week of a Journay

I still can't believe I'm done. I still have to go to work. But I'm done. So weird eh?

Monday I ate dinner at Tandoori with my friends Caitlin, Chantry, and Paul.
Tuesday I went to the Service Learning Banquet. Got another beautiful stole to wear at graduation. My gown is looking pretty awesome.
Wednesday (today) I ate pizza with a great group of friends including Kaitlin, Clayton, Amanda, and Hannah to name a few.  I also got the best graduation present ever! Thank you to Ashley who made me a fantastic Zumba CD mix!  I love it!!
Tomorrow hopefully I'll hang out with Erin. And pack up my apartment.  And clean.
Friday the parents and sister come into town! It's also my last day of work... so sad. Wow. The real last day.
Saturday graduation.
Sunday back in Oregon.


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