Sunday, May 6, 2012

Class of 2012 - Utah State University Graduation

Friday night my family came into town to celebrate my graduation.  We ate dinner at Tandoori - a really delicious Indian place.  Then crashed in a hotel room.

Saturday morning marked the 125th Commencement Ceremony for Utah State University.  It also marked Cinco de Mayo and the day of the Kentucky derby.  And there was rain.  Luckily the rain didn't last and by 830 I was on the Quad ready to walk down to the spectrum.  It was so cold my fingers felt like ice, but enjoyed the walk with my college.  Shortly thereafter the sun made an appearance and mother nature turned out a rather nice afternoon.

I'm proud to say that I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Resource Management. Commencement was short and sweet.  It all went by too fast.

I'm a whirlwind of emotions about the whole thing and it's hard to believe that as I type this I am sitting in Oregon. Time flies.  I am also extremely tired, which I am sure is making an appearance in this blog post. I think I'll elaborate more on graduation later - but until then be sure to look at the photos in this post.

After graduation my mom, dad, sister, and I all went to Cafe Sabor and enjoyed a Mexican dinner. Fitting since it was, after all, Cinco de Mayo. I opened graduation presents, ate food, then watched a movie with my sister in our hotel room.

Today we all drove home.  I haven't unpacked. In fact, most of my apartment belongings are still in my truck awaiting me.  Yet it's hard to unpack. That means I'm really done.

And what now you ask? Work for my dad at the family business. But this week, while my sister is here from Alabama, I think I'll play.

And thank you to everyone for the graduation gifts! And thank you to everyone who made my college experience memorable! I loved the College of Natural Resources and will miss it dearly!  And thanks to my family who puts up with me!   And thanks again to my family for my graduation present!

Erin & I

Myself, Mark, Eddy (Caitlin's mom) and Caitlin!

Walking and getting my 'diploma' from Dean Luecke.

Mom & Dad

The Grad

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