Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Last Week

This was my last week on undergraduate classes.  Weird.  And by this time next week I will be a graduate of Utah State University with a Bachelor's of Science in Recreation Resource Management.  But that's not what I want to focus on.

Right now I want to talk about my last week. As classes finished it was a bitter sweet feeling.  I have had a lot of fun however.  My last Zumba class was far too much.  We danced to our favorite songs and sweated out all our worries!

My Zumba Class
The thursday night College of Natural Resources closing social provided a free dinner. We ate delicious sandwiches, chips, and chocolate mousse cake.  I'm glad that I got to see friends and take a break and chat for a while.

Friday I went to the Quinney end of the year work party.  We had a potluck which involved spaghetti, chicken enchiladas, bread, salad, potato salad, chips, drinks, and brownies and ice-cream.  We also played "Minute to Win-It" games. Just fun little games to play that were pretty fun. I'll miss all of my co-workers at the Quinney and I'll be sad to leave them.

I also went to the USU end of the year bash, where a band named Anberlin played.  I wasn't near the front of the stage, but I was directly on the side. So essentially I was standing 15-20feet away from the drummer. They were really neat and I'm glad that I went out to hear them play.

Anberlin Concert
This morning was the USU new logo reveal. Nike designed all of the new logos and they look great!  It's exciting that I am here at Utah for the ending of one logo and the beginning of another.

I though this article was really neat.  It's from the USU Statesman and was written bTyler Huskinson on April 28th 2012:

"Nearly four years ago, Nike president and USU alumnus Charlie Densonstarted conversations with USU Athletics Director Scott Barnes about revamping the brand of USU.
After 17 years of what is known as the “U-State” logo, USU Athletics unveiled a new logo in a press conference Saturday, April 28. Nike revamped the USU image — which included an alternate uniform for 12 of the 16 Division I USU teams.
“I think it’s definitely an upgrade from last year,” USU senior running backKerwynn Williams said. “Nike really did their thing and upgraded our jerseys real well. I’m glad that we have choices. Nobody will really know what we’ll come out with next — we just have a lot of different options we can do. I feel like Nike outdid themselves.”
Nike’s partnership with USU is a special opportunity, Barnes said.
“You need to understand that we are absolutely in rarified air,” he said. “Nike isn’t working with Mountain West and WAC schools. They are working with four or five of the elite schools in the country.”
Barnes also announced changes to Merlin Olsen Field at Romney Stadium and the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum. The stadium will receive new turf along with the new logos and a new jumbotron is currently being installed inside the Spectrum along with new logos.
Those changes are expected to be finished around July. Nike representatives — who were impressed with the USU student section during a home game against Idaho two seasons ago — decided to trademark the USU HURD with t-shirts and a new design."
So check out these awesome logos!

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  1. a band named Anberlin...come on. The one and only Anberlin would be more appropriate. Liked the old u state logo better.