Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hoover Dam and a Tan

Thursday was gorgeous in Vegas. Seriously amazing weather.  I slept in then took a walk in the morning with Erin into the desert.  It was nice to get outside the city and enjoy the beautiful weather.   And I got a tan.  A perfect v-neck t-shirt tan. Love it!

After "brunch" Megan and Shelly decided to stay at the house while Erin and I headed out to Hoover Dam.  The dam was awesome!

I couldn't believe how huge the dam was! And it was crazy to think that people built this massive thing in the 1930's... what an engineering marvel.

After walking across the dam, Erin and I decided to take a tour and go down deep.  It was really something fun to do and was something up our alley - since we are natural resources majors and all.

Once we finished up with Hoover Dam, we drove back to and gathered our stuff.  On the way we stopped at an overlook and saw Lake Mead. Strange looking lake... very unnatural. Haha. Obviously it's man made.

 People decided they wanted to drive back to Provo Thursday night.  I was a little sad that people wanted to leave early, but then again I love to travel.  However, we didn't leave before hitting up the Rainforest Café in MGM Grand.  Which was awesome!

It was raining, there were animated animals, and even thunderstorms.  I ordered an expensive BBQ hamburger... but it was so delicious!  Holy yum!  The experience and the food were worth the money... and it made for one more memory before we headed out of town.

We didn't get back to Provo until one or two o'clock in the morning, but it felt like midnight because Vegas is on Pacific time.  Friday morning Megan and I drove back to Logan.  I just sat around all afternoon once I got back.  I love spring break.  Love love.

Recap of Las Vegas (in no particular order):
Fremont Street
New York New York Roller Coaster
Foundations at the Bellagio
Gardens at the Bellagio
Chocolate Foundation Bellagio (World’s Largest!)
Shops at the Venetian
Shops at Caesars Palace
Treasure Island
Rainforest Café (Burgers)
Picture with the “Fabulous Las Vegas” Sign
Exploring the Luxer
Lion Habitat at MGM Grand (We tried…)
Cheese Cake Factory at Caesar’s Palace
Hoover Dam
Getting Tan/Laying by the Pool
Having fun!

And today is Saint Patrick's Day! So go green everyone and may the luck of the Irish be with you!

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