Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Day of Fun in Vegas

Wednesday was a really fun day.  It started off by checking out of Treasure Island (sad) and packing up the car.  After the car was all packed up we drove to a casino and found a Cinnabon.  Oh yummy cinnamon goodness. Then we headed to MGM Grand in attempt to see the lion habitat.  But the lions were gone.  Where? I have no idea.  They just weren't there.

We then went to the M&M World and the Coca Cola Factory.  At the Coca Cola Factory we tried sixteen flavors from around the world.  Some were pretty good! Others not so much. Haha. It was entertaining to say the least!

Once we finished up at the Coca Cola Factory we spend some time in Ross. And I bought a super cute pair of red slip on shoes.  Definitely a good buy!

After we got the shopping bug out of our system we split up into pairs.  Erin and I went back to MGM and did "CSI: The Experience."  That was pretty fun!  I even got a CSI diploma emailed to me.  Haha. I felt cool.

Then it was time for Excalibur! I was really excited to see the show and I'm glad that I wasn't disappointed.  It was really funny and entertaining!  Erin and I sat in the Spain section... which just so happened to have a cute king.

We had a scrumptious dinner of tomato soup, cornish game hen, roasted russet potatoes, steamed broccoli, biscuit, followed by apple pastry.  And don't forget the virgin margaritas.  I loved watching the horses and I had a blast!

Erin and I had to wait for Shelly and Megan to finish their show (Thunder From Down Under) so we drove to Fremont Street!

I thought Fremont Street was going to sketch but it was really awesome.  The lights were incredible and there were tons of street performers.

 We wanted to go on the zip line, but the wait time was over two hours so we decided that we won't wait.  At Fremont street there were lots of street performers, illusionists, and three separate stages with singers. I would highly recommend going! It was a neat experience compared to the Las Vegas Strip.

We still had some time to kill before Shelly and Megan were done, so we wandered around the Luxor. Everyone finished the night was taking pictures with the Las Vegas sign.

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