Friday, March 30, 2012

640 Million

I've been caught up reading up about the $640 million dollar jackpot. What would I do with 640 million dollars? It would be awesome... But let's face it. The odds are pretty crazy.

Besides my lotto fantasies, I've had a really busy week.  I bought my cap, gown and tassel.  So exciting! And I bought an over-priced diploma frame because I'm proud of what I have accomplished during my time at Utah State. I also made graduation announcements (it was much cheaper than buying the ones at the grad fair) and ordered them.

Wednesday night I went to a CNR Student Council meeting. Then to a SOSNR meeting. I also took a test in my watershed sciences class.  I finished off collecting signatures for my Xi Sigma Pi tree and turned it.

Thursday was also a blur of school. I went to lunch with Robert, some other TAs, and a Conservation Officer. It was neat to hear stories from 'in the field' and I was really glad we got lunch! I was wondering how I was going to feed myself that afternoon... Sometimes everything works out perfectly!

Speaking of things that work out perfectly... Logger's Ball went off with out a hitch!  But before I get to Logger's Ball I should talk about Xi Sigma Pi.  I am now an official member of Xi Sigma Pi, the National Forestry Honors society. Excited? You bet.  I'll get a certificate in the mail several months from now, but more exciting than that is the fact I get to wear a beautiful green and white stole to wear with my gown.

Once initiation into Xi Sigma Pi concluded we headed over to Logger's Ball.  The food was amazing, the beard contest was hilarious, the desserts were amazing, and Dry Lake Band made the whole night complete!  It was so much fun!  And while I might be exhausted today, I think it's safe to say that it was worth it.

Oh... I should not forget to mention that I won a prize from the bookstore! My prize was a really neat cookbook and I'm excited to try and make some of the recipes!  It's always an exciting moment when you win something!  I think that wraps up my week.

I have to apologize for my mistakes in this post... I'm just a little tired!

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