Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidents Day Weekend

I spent the majority of Saturday cleaning my apartment, going to zumba, then going to Firehouse Pizzeria for my friend Liz's birthday dinner.  We ate some really good pizza and had lots of laughs.  It was really fun and made for a good Saturday night.
Abby and Liz Eating Up!
Katlin & Caitlin. We are so pale!
Because it was Liz's birthday she got a free FH'zookie.  (Half baked chocolate chip cookie amazingness topped with vanilla ice-cream.)  Of course Abby and I decided we needed too! Much to our surprise the waiter didn't charge us for it! I think he was trying to flirt with us. Haha.  So one free FH'zookie later we headed home for the night.

Our free FH'zookie!
Also. Erin made me amazing cookies. She is the best! And they are so good! According to her the secret is sour cream and homemade icing. I must try to make these sometime!

On Sunday I headed up to Beaver with Caitlin to get in a great day of skiing. Thank goodness it snowed and the slopes had some good powder on them.  We enjoyed hitting the powder in some tree stands and had a blast! It was a totally awesome day.  Cold, but well worth it!

Today, Monday, I'm enjoying the day off from school. I think I'll use today to cook a delicious roast and work on homework.  And who knows, I might do something else fun today. But right now food and homework are my main objectives.

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