Saturday, February 11, 2012

Italian Sodas and 80s Music

This last week I got an 80% on my Chemistry test which made me pretty upset.  I studied really hard and tried to do really well.  Next time I really want to do better.  A lot better.  We'll see if that happens though.

Alexis and I have found that the Quadside Café on campus has really good Italian sodas.  And they aren't too terribly expensive given the price of food on campus.  So it's become habit to go grab a soda and share it between us.  Delicious.
Italian Soda
Friday was Josie's last day at the Quinney before she leaves to go on a LDS mission to Canada.  She brought a cute cake to work that said "I [heart] QL" in sprinkles on it.  (It's kind of difficult to see in the picture though.)

Yummy Cake
I'm sad about her leaving, but it will be an amazing journey and an awesome experience.  So excited for her!  Speaking of awesome...

I went to a "Totally Awesome 80s Concert" in the Kent Concert Hall last night. It was so fun! I decided last minute that I should go so I jumped up and headed over.  I was surprised to see how many people came to the concert! I didn't think there would be that many people there, but the hall was practically filled!

80s Concert
Erin (my awesome friend) was part of the awesome concert! She found me afterwards and invited me to come to Village Inn with her family and eat pie.  So of course I went!  Her family is really nice and Village Inn has fantastic peanut butter pie. Oh. So yummy! And now I have 80s music stuck in my head... but I'm ok with that!

Erin & I
Today consist of homework and housework.  I need to laundry, vacuum, and do my dishes. I also need to finish writing a paper for one of my classes and study chemistry. May I'll do something fun tonight. Or maybe I'll just watch a movie and make cookies.

I just love cookies.

And... the Utah State Aggies lost our basketball game  today against New Mexico.  According to the ESPN announcers it's the first time the Aggies have lost three home games in a row in the Spectrum.  Too sad.

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