Friday, February 3, 2012

Black Diamonds

Hello world!  Anybody out there that actually reads this thing still? (Besides Josie... because she's sitting next to me as I type this!)

Let's see. Thursday I went to work. And took pictures with Josie and Sydney. Then fulfilled my TA duties. Then went skiing! Then went to Zumba. Then hung out with my friend Matt. Then Chantry. That's my day in a short simplified version.
Josie Sandwich! 
So skiing was awesome.  It was a beautiful day up at the Beav and I had a lot of fun rocking the slopes.  And I love being able to ski black diamonds. It makes me feel validated.  I own the slopes and am totally in my element up there.  I also fail at taking pictures of my self.  But that's ok!

Oh hi.
Let's see. Anything else? Oh... Matt (my awesome neighbor) taught me that orange juice and gingerale together is delicious.  New drink of the week right there.

Zumba was great. Lots of dancing and me not being able to move my hips or butt. Great times.  And cereal for dinner. Frosted Flakes rock! I think that's all for now.  Not very exciting, but a better Thursday than most.  Tonight: Party with Josie!

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