Saturday, February 25, 2012

Aggie Magic - Senior Night 2012

Oh to be a Utah State Aggie.  The spectrum was absolute magic last night (Feb. 24th 2012).  The night started recognizing the basketball seniors. It was emotional to say the least.  The game started out with teeth-clenching action. We fought Idaho and made our way to the top.  Ultimately winning to game 67-50. Go Aggies!
Big Blue
I went to the game with Sydney (who has made it on my blog before... I also work with her at the Quinney) and Shane (who is in the Forestry Club and has also made it on my blog before).  I'm so excited that we went to the game. And that the Aggies won!

Sydney and I

It was a great memory that I am going to hold on to forever!

Don't forget about Wild Bill either! I surely hope you know who I am talking about. If not, you are probably from Mars. But that's ok. I'll fill you in really quickly. Wild Bill is famous at USU. Famous for totally distracting the other team when them attempt to take free throws.  He wears ridouclous customer that usually involve him being half-naked.  He's turned into a mermaid, hula dancer, loin, and pirate.  Tonight he was... well... I'm not entirely sure. But he was pink!  And I totally got a picture.
Wild Bill
Oh. And the Hurd (which describe themselves as "the rowdiest, loudest, biggest, and best fans of USU athletics") took some awesome photos of the senior game. I was browsing their pictures and saw I managed to make it into some of them.  Hooray for sitting in row 9!   I'll put an arrow to my face so you can see me!
I was looking at my score board I think.  (You can click on
the picture to make it bigger!)
I love the chant "I believe" that USU is famous for, but I also love the chant "Winning Team."  Because we won. Check it out.

Love my Utah State Aggies.  Winning Team!

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