Monday, February 6, 2012

90 Days

90 days till I graduate from Utah State. 90 days till the Kentucky Derby.  Why are they on the same day?! But I guess my graduation is kinda important to I'll have to record the Derby.  One thing I've decided I want to is ride a race horse.  Yep.  This comes from watching far too many race horse movies this weekend. But this is definitely going on my bucket list... for sure!  It would be really neat to breeze a horse once around a track and just see what it feel like.  I've ridden my own horses around tracks, but in a western saddle or English saddle, it's still not the same thing.

On a totally unrelated note, I surprised Josie on Friday by taking her out to dinner at the Olive Garden! I pretended like we were just going ourselves but in all reality we ate dinner with Sydney, Alexis, Patsy, and Susanne. So six people total!  I hope Josie had fun and enjoyed the presents we gave her! I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that the Quinney is going to miss her!

After a delicious dinner and amazing breadsticks, Josie and I went to the USU gymnastics meet. First time I've been to one in person. It was awesome! I wish I had crazy muscles like those girls!

Anyways.... hopefully I manage to survive this week.  I have confusing watershed homework due on Wednesday and a chemistry test on Tuesday. Ekk!  All I've got to do is make it 90 more days! Then I'm "free" so to speak. Haha.
(PS. I'm actually posting this on Monday. Which means 89 days!)

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