Monday, January 9, 2012


I survived my first day of school (of my last semester)!  I worked all morning... had classes all afternoon... then more classes... and finished my last class at 9:00pm.  Whew!  I'm actually dropping a class on Monday and replacing it with a capstone class, so now I'll only have 4 classes on Monday! I'll still be on campus from 7:30am till 9 o'clock, but life will be better.  (To be honest, I actually really like my late night Monday class - should be one of the best this semester!)

Tomorrow till Friday my schedule is more relaxed so I should be able to get some stuff done. And go skiing over the three-day weekend!  Although where the heck is the snow? Can Logan get dumped on so Beav will have some good powder?

I wish I had something else interesting to blog about but I really don't. Except I am glad to be back at work! My boss is the best person ever! I saw everyone I work with today except Sydney, so it was great.  Shout out to my friend Jill who is engaged... her ring is amazing! And Alexis who I played Ticket to Ride (awesome board game) with today!  And Josie who finally got her Christmas present!

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