Thursday, January 5, 2012

My "Fake" Birthday & Grandma's Real Birthday

Heidi decided that I should have an early birthday party so she could celebrate before they went back to Alabama.  Unfortunately the stove died.  Really died.  So we made a cake in the microwave! It worked well except the middle sank in and didn't cook!  Haha!  It was the DMZ of chocolate frosting. Epic.

At least we celebrated on the 2nd.  It has a two in it so it counts.

Horse Pottery (Bowl and Mug!)
Ticket to Ride! Best game ever!
Heidi and David
Then on the 4th we celebrated Grandma's birthday at Pizza hut.  Yummy pizza.  Good family time!

Grandma opening cards

Dad and I!
Only 19 days till my real birthday. Wohoo!

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