Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Guess what? It's my Birthday!

It's my birthday today!  So excited!  I love getting the posts from everybody on Facebook. Especially when they are like Josie's post!  (See exhibit A.)

Exhibit A. Haha
I also love socks!  Josie got me awesome socks.  My favorite is the pink zebra socks and multi colored leopard print ones. Ah heck. I love all of them!

I also love that in the class I TA my professor gave me a Utah: Life Elevated Calendar.  Thanks Robert! You are awesome!

Then for lunch Josie and I went to the sky room and enjoyed delicious soup and rolls. Yum yum!

Jill and Alexis made me a fantastic card!  And I just love when everybody says "Happy Birthday."  Even if it is a simple phrase - it makes me feel special!

My friends from church (visiting teachers) also made me a delicious yellow cake with chocolate frosting. My favorite!  I love that someone took time out of their day to make me a cake!

Then, while waiting at the post office for my boxes to arrive (presents from mom), I talked on the phone with my sister.  She had a cinnamon roll in my honor. I'm that special. :)

At five o'clock to mailman finally came back from his route and I was able to get my presents! (Long story short I missed him at my apartment so had to wait until he returned from his route and get them from the post office.)  I came right home and had a chance to open the most awesome present ever!  My mom (who is AMAZING) had Becky Zaugg do an oil painting of Windaner and I in front of the house.  It's so fantastic!   I LOVE IT!  I will cherish it forever!!!

Shortly after overcoming present-shock-of-amazingness I headed off to dinner with Josie, Jill, Alexis, Erin, Kourtney, & Caitlin.

We had a fun dinner at Firehouse Pizzeria in Logan and I even got to enjoy a free birthday f'zookie. (Not sure if that is actually the spelling... but it's basic melty cookie goodness and ice-cream!)  Wohoo!  My friends are priceless! I love you all!
L to R: Erin, Caitlin, Alexis, Jill, Kourtney, Josie, and me!
Once dinner was finished I got to come back and open more presents! Love love love.  Mom got me awesome things like gorgeous high heeled shoes, peeps, candy, an awesome card, fancy thin thermals (long-johns), and ski totes (I no longer have to struggle carrying my skis and poles)!!! My aunt Barb even got me a shirt that reads "Eyre University."  Yep. I'm official now!

Then I decided that I finish off my birthday by having mom sing to me and I would get to blow out candles.  She told me I wasn't aloud to put this anywhere "public" but it makes me feel so loved. I just had to put it on here.  :)   And yes. This is all done via Skype.  Don't ya just love technology?!  Also - my commentary cracks me up. Haha. So many candles!

Thanks everybody that made my birthday a special day! I truly feel loved and blessed!  You know who you are and you are awesome.  I had a FANTASTIC day!!  And thanks to my mom who is always there for me!  :)

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