Friday, January 13, 2012

-2... what?!

I think I dislike the fact that when I walked to work this morning at 7:30am it was 7 degrees but felt like -2.  No wonder I was freezing!  And the sun is very deceiving... It looks like it should be pretty warm outside. Until you actual walk outside and realize that it's really cold!
Let's see.  Classes are going well and I'm surviving.  And it's a three day weekend! Which is really exciting except I wish there was snow so I could get in some killer skiing.  In the mean time I'll zumba.  Yep.  I'm taking Zumba classes (thank you Josie for the brilliant idea!) and they are amazing!  Hopefully this will help get me shape, not to mention teach me how to move my hips! Haha. 

I think that's all I am going to write for now. I'm sure something interesting will happen over the weekend. I kind of want to go see the movie Joyful Noise.  And I want to ski.  And I need to do laundry, but that's not really interesting or exciting. 

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