Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Blue

I really wanted a picture with big blue.  In fact, I've wanted a picture with my beloved school mascot for quite some time.  And it finally happened.

Not a great picture... but still!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


This was perhaps one of the best footballs I have been too.
Except we lost...

Utah State vs. Colorado.  Tied at the end of the 4th.  Tied again in overtime.  Then Colorado made another touchdown and they scored the extra point.  Our turn.  Touchdown!  Now we've just to make the extra point and go into a third over time.  But wait... what?!  We are going for the two? Coaches are you crazy?! NO!  So close.. but we missed the catch.  WAIT!

PASS INTERFERENCE!  We get to try again!  The stadium literally went silent.  And then 22,599 spectators watched the football slowly spiral towards the inzone.  He was there. Arms outstretched.  But he didn't see the Colorado player about to tackle him.  Utah State was so close to winning.

The Aggie fans stayed strong through the nearly four hour long game.  After the game was over a strange thing happened.  No one left.  We just sat there in shock.

It was a great game and I applaud the football team for trying their best.   It was a great game and it kept everybody on the edge of their seat. (Actually we stood the whole time.)  It's still sad that we lost though. Final Score.  34 vs 35.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

HP and Toilets

Somethings my friends and I do amazing things (amazing to us at least). Like recreating the entrance to the Ministry of Magic by entering through underground toilets. 
Simple. Yes.  Amazing.  Heck yes.  
Gotta love life.
"This way to the Ministry of Magic"
[Arrow Down]

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One Tuesday Night

So today was the second day for homecoming.  Which equals free Aggie Blue Mint ice-cream.  The best!  I am so glad that I didn't have a class/work at noon so I could get some.  Free food is basically awesome.

After ice-cream and lunch it was back to work at the Quinney.  I am in charge of the entire collection of journals the library has.  Some of the journals are now online, so we recycle the physical copies.  The the new journals are put into the collection... meanwhile I make sure that the journals that are physical on the shovels match those recorded in the database.

And sometimes work explodes all over my desk. Haha.  Love it!

During work JDahl (Jordan) and I decided we had the munchies.  That equaled pizza.  Yep... definitely one of the best choices of the night.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Street Painting

This is the first day of Homecoming 2011 for Utah State.  "Old & New, Forever Blue."  Yes!  I had classes all day and homework to do, but in the end I was able to hit two of the homecoming events.  First I went to the Re:VIVE Fashion Show, which featured a runway show full of recycled materials.  (i.e. Dresses made out of newspaper, bubble wrap, etc.) Josie (my friend) made an awesome cheerleader outfit from old curtains!

After the fashion show I went to the Street Painting.  My favorite event of homecoming!  Each club, college, or student organization gets a large square on 700 N to paint.  Yep. We paint the road.  We are awesome.  Anyways this year I helped paint the Forestry Club's square. And it turned out awesome if I say so myself!

Heck yes! We rock! Awesome job guys!

(Left to Right) Kourtney, Donavan, Me, & Shane

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh Saturday Nights

I slept in Saturday and boy oh boy did it feel good!  I spent most of the day reading and attempting homework. That is until Jen and I decided we should do a craft project. Which resulted in creating a travel board. 

We started out with a world map, cut it up, mounted it, stuck it on a form board, decorated, then marked everywhere I have ever been with small silver stars.  I kinda love it.  It's exciting.

The start...
Somewhere in the middle...
Stickers and scrapbooking things!
Final Project! (The stickers are hard to make out but they are there. Except
Africa and South America... haven't been there yet!)

On the down side I have the travel bug again.  How about Africa? Haha.  No worries, as much as I want to travel overseas right now I don't have the money.  Plus it would be nice to graduate before summer starts.  But I'll never rule traveling out.  I love it too much!

And I shouldn't forget the pizza and movie North to Alaska that finished off the night!

Church today was great and school this week should be busy busy cause it's homecoming!  Watch out for more blog posts coming later in the week.  (That is if I'm not swamped with homework!)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Utah Fair 2011

This weekend Jen and I decided to go to the Utah State Fair down in Salt Lake.  It was a fantastic way to spend the weekend!
Entrance  Sign
Yep. It rained.
After class on Friday we drover down to her parent's house and spent the night.  First we explored Timpanogos Cave National Monument.  It's so amazing how close the cities are to the mountains.  After the drive we ate dinner at iHop and then watched "The Help."  The movie (and book) are so amazing!  I'm going to have to watch that movie again soon... love'd it!

On Saturday, after filling up on Lucky Charms, we headed up to the fair grounds.  The fair was pretty big and they had some neat events like the Sea Lion Splash.  Jen and I got to stand right next to the pool and watch three cute female sea lions perform their tricks!  It was really neat!

Three sea lions! The closest one was named

Neat trick!

We walked through the many rows of vendors and merchants. I picked up some neat souvenirs like a silver horse/feather hair clip, pony tail holder, and feathers.  I enjoyed a fantastic glass on lemonade, pulled pork sandwich, and some candy. We also saw a huge pumpkin!  It weighed 896 pounds!  That's crazy!

I also got another taste of Australia with the "Aussie Kingdom."  Baby roos and wallabies are so cute!  But then it rained... and by rained I mean that it down poured.  All crazy like.  Everybody had to seek shelter so Jen and I hide under the rodeo stands.


Speaking of rodeo; we got to watch the rodeo after the fair.  I was in heaven.  I just love rodeo! The rodeo started off with skydivers bringing the American flag into the arena... awesome!  Then it was bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, steer wresting, cafe roping, barrel racing, clown tricks, and lots of other cool events like mutt and bustin'!  Here's my little collection of videos are pictures for you to enjoy!

Decked out...Western Style!

Bareback Bronc

Bull Ridin'

And the other totally amazing thing? When the bull fighters went head to head with a Mexican fighting bull. Awesome!

Such a beautiful ferris wheel!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Arizona & Fun Times!

 Most people probably spent the long weekend watching movies, hunting, or what have you.  But I went to Arizona instead!  My grandma is in the process of moving from her house in Arizona to Oregon and I wanted to come see her before she moved.

I arrived late on Friday night after my friend Jen drove me to the airport. (Which I am so thankful for because I didn't have to drive, pay for parking, or worry about traffic!)

It was so great to see my grandma and I had a wonderful time!  On Saturday mom and I drove down to Tubac, which is a little touristy town, to look around.  It was fun i was able to buy some neat little treasures.  Then on Saturday mom, grandma, and I all went out to the Desert Diamond Casino.  At first it wasn't much fun.. then I found my favorite machine!  It loved me.  And payed off over a hundred dollars.  I was really excited!  It was fun to do something with my grandma that she enjoys and I had a good night!
They have the coolest collection of desert art at Tubac!
Like this horse statue that's huge!!

Mom posing next to a cactus. 

Yep... we had to go through border control. And guess what?
They let me back in! Haha

Flowers outside Grandma's house. Although I forgot what
she called them - but they are gorgeous!

Gotta love barrel cactus!

Mom and I in the backyard.

Another neat metal statue in front of the zoo!

On Sunday we slept in, relaxed, and then went out to lunch at a family restaurant in Green Valley.  Of course I skipped over the lunch menu and ordered some delicious french toast and bacon!  Who says you can't eat breakfast for every meal?

After lunch (or in my case second breakfast) we went out to the other Desert Diamond Casino near the airport.  Mom and I decided to go to the Tucson Zoo after we dropped grandma off even though it was over a hundred degrees!  But it was SO worth it!

I got to feed to giraffes! See zebras, birds, elephants, a jaguar, a rhino, a llama and several other animals.  It was so cool to see them!

Heck yes! That was awesome... and look at his tongue!

I believe this is Elenor

Texas... or maybe this was Denver. 

Rhino behind!

Once mom and I were done at the Zoo we went back to the casino.  I didn't like this casino as much.  I lost and only made $10.05.  Haha.  It was still fun though!  Then we went out to pizza hut and enjoy personal pan pizzas and some breadsticks.

I had to head back to Utah today because I need to get ready for school tomorrow.  (Hopefully all my homework is done!  If not that's way I'll be doing after my I finish writing this blog post.)

Hope everybody else had an amazing long weekend!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Oh hi. I'm in southern Arizona. Yep weekend traveler I am. Actual blog and pictures to come later today or tomorrow. Then back to Utah I go for school on Tuesday. :)