Friday, December 23, 2011


Heidi. David. Erin. Daniel. Bow. Jaeyong.  It's certainly a full house with nine people here! (Soon to be ten when Grandma comes for Christmas.) 

Mom and I headed to Boise yesterday to pick up Heidi, her hubby, their two kids + their two exchange students, from the airport.  After getting a delicious honey baked ham for Christmas Day we picked them up, eat dinner at Denny's, then finally headed home.  After delays upon delays and nearly 24 hours of traveling I'm sure Heidi and David were glad to get here!

And yes David... I am well aware that I make grammatical errors in my blog. It's a blog after all... which translates for me as a constant stream of thoughts made without correction.  So it's all good!

Perhaps I'll throw some pictures of here when I get a chance.  And I'm thinking a new layout/background is in store.  

Happy holidays everyone!

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