Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Spirit

This week has been all about getting into the Christmas spirit.  After all... Thanksgiving has pasted and tomorrow is December first!  On Monday I had a fun little adventure.  Remember all those trees I helped go get with the forestry club? (If you don't remember I suggest that you read my previous blog posts.)  Well we finally got to do something with them!
Hanging ornaments... creatively. 
On Monday Donovan, Shane, Kourtney and I loaded up a hundred Christmas trees then brought them over to the College of Natural Resources. I've never seen my truck and trailer so loaded up with trees before! After I hauled the large trailer (not the trailer that I killed the tire on) over to the University I had to creatively back the trailer up next to CNR.  Which is a tight squeeze to fit between the wood statues and cement barrier.  Let me tell you.

Katlin, Caitlin, Donovan, Kourtney, and Shane
After unloading and pricing the trees we brought "the big one" into the CNR Atrium.  And it goes all the way to the ceiling! Decorating it was so much fun!  Donovan and Kourtney stood on the rafters of the building and still couldn't reach the top of the tree so we improvised using a stick to hang ornaments and put the bow on top.  Putting the lights on was also an adventure! Had we thought about it, we should have put the lights on before we stood the tree up.  But once it was up we worked with what we had!
So beautiful at night!
I'm excited for Christmas and excited that I continue to have great adventures in life.  I'm thankful for the College of Natural Resources and glad that I have made some amazing friends.  Also - joining the Forestry Club was one of the best choices ever!

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