Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1

First... remember how I posted pictures of the Business Building turned Hogwarts School of Business?  Well they made a video and put it on YouTube! Click here to watch it!

Oh. And this is the sorting hat for Hogwarts. Pretty awesome prop, eh?!

Second... On Monday night (Halloween!) I was a Hawaiian(ish) person.  I like the way it turned out! I went to my friends house (for FHE) and ate candy, chips, and sat out by the fire making s'mores.  Yup - a great night!

Third... It's November 1st.  Which means that I can start making "holiday" food. Like ginger snaps.  Hooray!  Don't you wish you could taste these? They are amazing if I do say so myself!

And today is 11/1/11 and it will be 11:11pm soon! But what' even better is that next Friday (Veteran's Day) will be 11/11/11 and we can celebrate it at 11:11am and 11:11pm.  Yay!

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