Sunday, November 6, 2011


This weekend was great.  Simply great.  Friday was spent making crazy videos with L'Jo Jo (Josie) in the Quinney then hanging out with Jen while waiting for a test review to start.  The rest of Friday was spent helping Chantry hang up posters then going on a drive to see the valley. Which, by the way, is beautiful.  Perhaps I should more time exploring the local places that are so close to me!  And it was super funny to talk into the high schools with Chanty. Haha. I felt so old and totally out of place!

Saturday was crazy fun. Haha.  Alexis and I went to the beauty school in Logan and let cosmetology students trim our hair.  Then Alexis went a little crazy and got purple in her hair! It looks fantastic!  Don't worry.  I didn't do anything crazy.  Not yet anyways. ;)

After Alexis and I finished up at the hair salon I went over to Jen's house and hung out.  We went around town then went and ate dinner with Sham (Jen's roommate) for her birthday.  Food is so good! And I was extremely amazed when Sham's family paid for me to come and eat. It was fun to be with Jen, Sham, and her family.

Afterwards Jen and I went back to her house and messed around. Haha. We talked, surfed the internet, talked some more, played cards, played with the dog (Lilo) and talked even more!  Jen is such a good friend and I'm going to be sad when she graduates in December.

Lilo - Sham's Dog
Haha. Oh our faces!
Whoa. haha
Until she graduates we will continue to take fantastic pictures together... haha

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