Sunday, October 16, 2011

Corn Mazes and Service

The weather here in Logan has been absolutely wonderful this last week!  The leaves are changing colors in the canyon, the weather is warm, it's a perfect fall setting.  So I made this weekend count!

On Friday Jordan and I got Panda Express then went to the Little Bear Bottoms corn maze.  Let's just say that the haunted river trail wasn't very haunted, and the corn maze was just confusing.  But it was still lots of fun!  After spending some time there we decided to head over to the Green Canyon Corn Maze.  Great decision!  I had so much fun and it was awesome to wander around and get scared in the corn.  Plus the corn was really tall! So much fun!
In the Corn Maze
On Saturday morning I went with Jen to do the Natural Resources week Service Project up Logan Canyon.  We walked around and collected garbage.  You wouldn't believe how much we found! Not to mention what we found... socks, a shoe, lots of glass, coffee cups, doughnut boxes, and even a used diaper... eww!
Katlin & Caitlin Pickin' up Trash!
But it felt good to do some service with my fellow NR students.  Plus Jen and I took a lot of pictures!  We got some great pictures showing the color of the leave and even found a small water fall.

Crawling Towards the Waterfall.  I was going to get a
good picture!
After we finished the service project we got served Old Grist Mill sandwiches. So good!  Plus chips and a chocolate chip cookie!  It made picking up trash that much better!

And I did get a great
side view of the small water fall...

One million dollars baby!

 Pretty colors!
Jen and I decided that we shouldn't let the beautiful day go to waste so we took a drive up Logan Canyon to the Tony Grove Lake.  And we found snow!  The trails were a little muddy but it was still heaps of fun!   
Lookin' Down on Logan Canyon
All in all, I would say that the weekend turned our amazingly.  It was heaps of fun and I love weekends like this! Next week is Natural Resources week.  Basically NR week is a week that Utah State University dedicates it's attention to the College of Natural Resources.  There are a large variety of events happening during the week and they are all run by the CNR Student Council (which I am).  Hopefully we pull it off!  I'm excited so be on the lookout for pictures. 

Tony Grove Lake
Jen overlook Tony Grove Lake
View From the Other Side of the Lake
Oh... and I am leaving Wednesday to Oregon for Fall Break! So excited to head home for a few days!

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