Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NR Week: Monday

I would say the Monday went off pretty smoothly.  The weather cooperated.  People showed up to events. And I had lots of fun!

We started out the day with the Logger's Breakfast sponsored by the Forestry Club.  Delicious pancakes and eggs!  The only downfall was that the eggs kind of created a mess so it was a little difficult to clean up.  But other than that it was great!

Then we had a shoot out with (former) USU basketball star Jared Quayle. We even got our CNR mascot, Paul Bunyan, to try his hand at basketball. Pretty good for a logger if you ask me!

Then we had a Reduce, Reuse, Rock Concert with some great bands.  Love the bluegrass band, The Dry Lake Band, that came and played. They were awesome!

All in all I would call day one of NR week a success!

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