Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Break - Home Sweet Home

Riding WindDancer through the burn area.
Fall Break means coming home to Oregon.  And that means riding my horses, eating prime rib, working in the haunted house, and hanging with my mom and dad.
Cornucopia Mountains
On Thursday I headed up into the hills.  With my amazing horse WindDancer.  The colors were absolutely beautiful in the mountains.

I came home to a great dinner cooked by mom then went to bed.  It was a long day for sure. But so worth it!  On my ride I saw six golden eagles, a massive herd of elk, some fantastic looking bucks, and a beautiful bull.  It was an amazing day.

Cowgirl through and through.
Friday I went riding in the morning then headed into town with mom.  We stopped by Grandma's apartment which was great.  It was so good to see her!  Then went to work in the Haunted House.  I was a creepy ballroom dancer turned vampire.  It was great!  I just love making people scream. Haha.
Let the feast begin!
Then today I rode some more, messed around at home, picked some apples, and relaxed watching movies. Oh. And don't forget the amazing prime rib mom cooked for dinner.  I just love living on a ranch with cows!  Meat is great!

Feeding my Lancelot 

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