Sunday, September 25, 2011


This was perhaps one of the best footballs I have been too.
Except we lost...

Utah State vs. Colorado.  Tied at the end of the 4th.  Tied again in overtime.  Then Colorado made another touchdown and they scored the extra point.  Our turn.  Touchdown!  Now we've just to make the extra point and go into a third over time.  But wait... what?!  We are going for the two? Coaches are you crazy?! NO!  So close.. but we missed the catch.  WAIT!

PASS INTERFERENCE!  We get to try again!  The stadium literally went silent.  And then 22,599 spectators watched the football slowly spiral towards the inzone.  He was there. Arms outstretched.  But he didn't see the Colorado player about to tackle him.  Utah State was so close to winning.

The Aggie fans stayed strong through the nearly four hour long game.  After the game was over a strange thing happened.  No one left.  We just sat there in shock.

It was a great game and I applaud the football team for trying their best.   It was a great game and it kept everybody on the edge of their seat. (Actually we stood the whole time.)  It's still sad that we lost though. Final Score.  34 vs 35.

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