Sunday, September 11, 2011

Utah Fair 2011

This weekend Jen and I decided to go to the Utah State Fair down in Salt Lake.  It was a fantastic way to spend the weekend!
Entrance  Sign
Yep. It rained.
After class on Friday we drover down to her parent's house and spent the night.  First we explored Timpanogos Cave National Monument.  It's so amazing how close the cities are to the mountains.  After the drive we ate dinner at iHop and then watched "The Help."  The movie (and book) are so amazing!  I'm going to have to watch that movie again soon... love'd it!

On Saturday, after filling up on Lucky Charms, we headed up to the fair grounds.  The fair was pretty big and they had some neat events like the Sea Lion Splash.  Jen and I got to stand right next to the pool and watch three cute female sea lions perform their tricks!  It was really neat!

Three sea lions! The closest one was named

Neat trick!

We walked through the many rows of vendors and merchants. I picked up some neat souvenirs like a silver horse/feather hair clip, pony tail holder, and feathers.  I enjoyed a fantastic glass on lemonade, pulled pork sandwich, and some candy. We also saw a huge pumpkin!  It weighed 896 pounds!  That's crazy!

I also got another taste of Australia with the "Aussie Kingdom."  Baby roos and wallabies are so cute!  But then it rained... and by rained I mean that it down poured.  All crazy like.  Everybody had to seek shelter so Jen and I hide under the rodeo stands.


Speaking of rodeo; we got to watch the rodeo after the fair.  I was in heaven.  I just love rodeo! The rodeo started off with skydivers bringing the American flag into the arena... awesome!  Then it was bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, steer wresting, cafe roping, barrel racing, clown tricks, and lots of other cool events like mutt and bustin'!  Here's my little collection of videos are pictures for you to enjoy!

Decked out...Western Style!

Bareback Bronc

Bull Ridin'

And the other totally amazing thing? When the bull fighters went head to head with a Mexican fighting bull. Awesome!

Such a beautiful ferris wheel!

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  1. Your life is fantastic! You are cool! You are beautiful! You are amazing! You do fun things! And these are all the reasons I like you...Oh and you say funny things..