Monday, September 19, 2011

Street Painting

This is the first day of Homecoming 2011 for Utah State.  "Old & New, Forever Blue."  Yes!  I had classes all day and homework to do, but in the end I was able to hit two of the homecoming events.  First I went to the Re:VIVE Fashion Show, which featured a runway show full of recycled materials.  (i.e. Dresses made out of newspaper, bubble wrap, etc.) Josie (my friend) made an awesome cheerleader outfit from old curtains!

After the fashion show I went to the Street Painting.  My favorite event of homecoming!  Each club, college, or student organization gets a large square on 700 N to paint.  Yep. We paint the road.  We are awesome.  Anyways this year I helped paint the Forestry Club's square. And it turned out awesome if I say so myself!

Heck yes! We rock! Awesome job guys!

(Left to Right) Kourtney, Donavan, Me, & Shane

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