Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Week of School (Kinda)

It's not the end of the first week... but I am finding the groove of school again.  Like crazy schedules. New professors.  And attempting to hold off the senioritis. After all - it's still the first week!  Haha.  

I was sitting outside enjoying the still present summer heat taking some snapshots off the CNR (and me!)I both work in the College of Natural Resources and have the majority of my classes in this building.  I love it!  There are worse places you could spend your time.

 I also took a photo of myself! No... I'm not really this sunburnt.  It's just a fun filter on my iPhone.  Which, if I do say so myself, I also love!

The CNR is such a unique environment.  It's one of the few buildings on campus that has a common area for students.  The atrium (in the center of the building) is such a fantastic place to study, see friends, and wait for classes to start.  But whenever the weather permits I love sitting outside on the picnic tables enjoying the shade of the trees.

And the last thing before I sign off.  I got a new MacBook Pro.  Which I am also in love with.  But I had to make it stand out so I decided I should show some true Utah State pride.  Go Aggies!

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